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how can I become an international journalist like for BBC World News or something similar?

I am writer and I am passionate about world issues. I plan to double major in journalism and audio/recording/studio engineering. Journalism is a career I am deeply considering alongside recording engineering. However, I like discussing world issues, and I like to explore the context of...

#international #news-writing #journalism #foreign-affairs #world-cultures


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:02

1 answers

Posted by Briana D.
Amanda Briggs de Lavini | Localization Coordinator at TripAdvisor I think the best way to break into the industry would ...

What are the career options after completing foreign language courses?

I am very much interested in learning different languages. #language #languages #foreign-affairs...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:35

1 answers

Posted by Mohammed S.
Raman Chandel | Technical Support Supervisor at Dell | M.B.A | ... Academic qualification and proficiency in foreign languages opens the gate for ...

What are the requirements to being a UN or U.S. ambassador?

I want to be a UN or U.S ambassador so I wanted to know how to become one. #law #culture #foreign-affairs #world-cultures...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:02

1 answers

Posted by Mary P.
Ethan Case, PE, LEED AP | Mechanical Engineer at M-E Engineers, Inc. I am not either of those things, but I can give ...

What can I do to better prepare me for a career in the foreign service?

My dream is to be a foreign service officer for the State Department and I know that you can intern at certain Embassies but I'm not sure what else to do to prepare for a career in government. #internships #government #international-affairs #international-relations #foreign-affairs...

#foreign-service #state-department


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:39

2 answers

Posted by Kira N.
Mukesh Kamat | Technical Support Specialist at Dell

What job or status can a degree in Political Science secure?

I'm considering in majoring in Political Science, but I'm unsure of the career choices available with this degree. I'm plan to use this degree to obtain a job with the United Nations; specifically to work in the Middle East. However, I'm not entirely sure what job I can obtain and the...

#foreign-policy #international-relations #political-science #politics #international #foreign-affairs


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:21

2 answers

Posted by Kalkidan A.
Elisabeth Equilbey | Business Operations Hi Kalkidan, Science-Po can also support a career in journalism, diplomacy, ...

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