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How can I combine a love for learning languages, art, and possibly medecine into a career?

Hi! My name is Zoe and I am a senior in high school, so I am starting to consider job options and colleges. I am passionate about French and Japanese, and I would ideally love to learn more languages like arabic; however, I do not know what kind of career I could pursue with languages. If it...


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What are some tips on learning a language?

I am getting a french minor, but only taking an hour long class three times a week doesn't help me much with learning the language. Is there any tips y'all have? So far I've tried some apps, watching films in french to see how much I know, and adding some french words in my everyday life....

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Is the knowledge of foreign languages beneficial in obtaining a higher-paying job, most especially in accounting, and which languages would be most beneficial to know?

I am currently a rising high school senior, and I am still trying to review the best options of study for a successful career. I believe that I may want to study to be an accountant, but I also love foreign languages and working with those people with different cultural and language...

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