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Is learning additional languages an asset for my future career?

I am learning French at York University. #career-development #language #foreign-languages...



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Active Jun 18 at 01:32

3 answers

Posted by Deborah C.’s Avatar Deborah C.
Monique Wirz’s Avatar
Monique Wirz | Me Hi Deborah, Languages are always an asset whether it's professionally or ...

what career could be right for me?

Hi, I am almost bilingual French (made in France) /English. I am pursuing a degree in early childhood education, and hope to be working in immersion programs. I would like to know which requirements I need for this career. #education #foreign-languages...



Eliza Hall’s Avatar Esther Smith’s Avatar
Active Dec 01 '17 at 12:44

2 answers

Posted by emmanuelle O.’s Avatar emmanuelle O.
Eliza Hall’s Avatar
Eliza Hall | Counsel at Potomac Law Group, PLLC It depends what your goals are and where you want to ...

How competitive is a job in International business in a foreign country?

Studying International Business in college #international #foreign-languages...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:57

2 answers

Posted by Devetra C.’s Avatar Devetra C.
Anthony A. Quan’s Avatar
Anthony A. Quan | Global Finance Strategic Initiatives I am glad you are interested in International business and working ...

Is it better to minor in French?

I am already fluent in Spanish, but have only taken French in high school. #french #college-minor #spanish...



Alice Bekombo’s Avatar
Active Mar 19 at 09:59

1 answers

Posted by Jasminne V.’s Avatar Jasminne V.
Alice Bekombo’s Avatar
Alice Bekombo | Marketing Communications Manager Hi Jasminne,In the business world, the more languages you know, the ...

If i'm planning on majoring in Russian Language, should I accompany it with a minor since it would better suite a job. For example, a major in Russian Language and a minor in Economics.

I'm asking because my passion for the Russian language, culture and country is beyond the surface. Ive internalized the Russian spirit. Where I find it difficult is what job could solely a Russian major achieve. To accompany it with a Economics would seem more logical. I have also thought of a...

#russian #foreign-languages #orthodoxy


Nicole S.’s Avatar David Briggs’s Avatar
Active May 08 at 21:48

2 answers

Posted by Mason M.’s Avatar Mason M.
Nicole S.’s Avatar
Nicole S. | Multilingual Technical Analyst that develops projects to streamline ... I'm a linguaphile at heart as well. I double-majored in Spanish/French ...

What langauge courses would be most beneficial to study in university?

Most universities (that I have seen) require a language as a part of your study program. Are there any languages that are preferred by employers or should be considered more (i.e. ASL, Chinese, Spanish..) or can it just be our preference? Thank you! #foreign-languages #university #language...



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Active Dec 07 '17 at 13:40

1 answers

Posted by Ashley H.’s Avatar Ashley H.
Katherynn Ortega Garcia’s Avatar
Katherynn Ortega Garcia | Account Sales Executive Hi Ashley You can select the languages you like to learn, ...

Will taking a Spanish course in college really help me with my future career in psychology?

The school I want to go to requires that I take a Spanish course. #spanish #foreign-languages #psychology...



Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D.’s Avatar William Ortiz’s Avatar
Active Apr 14 at 17:42

2 answers

Posted by Brittany S.’s Avatar Brittany S.
Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D.’s Avatar
Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D. | Industrial-Organizational Psychology & HR Consulting Learning a second language and becoming fluent in it will serve ...

How would one go about finding their first job as a translator?

I plan on becoming a Japanese translator and while it seems easy to get started, in my mind it's too vague and I'd like an exact plan. #foreign-languages #language #japan...



David Goldstein’s Avatar Nicole S.’s Avatar
Active Oct 30 '17 at 18:31

2 answers

Posted by Aiyanna-Jizelle O.’s Avatar Aiyanna-Jizelle O.
David Goldstein’s Avatar
David Goldstein | Automotive Professional, Japanese Language, Business & Culture Professional Hello, Aiyanna: First, we need to find out a bit about ...

What is the best foreign language to learn in college?

I know a lot of companies are looking for dual language graduates; which would be the most worthwhile to learn? #college #jobs...



David Briggs’s Avatar Daniela Silva’s Avatar Jaron Hightower-Mills’s Avatar Clayton Greenberg’s Avatar
Active Feb 18 at 00:47

4 answers

Posted by Trey D.’s Avatar Trey D.
David Briggs’s Avatar
David Briggs | Research Associate at CLASSRoad Hi,There isn't really a right answer for that one. You should ...

What should I do to work in an embassy abroad?

I want to travel the world and help people for the rest of my life, thus I think that working in an American embassy in foreign countries would be perfect for me. I currently plan on majoring in International Relations and minoring in Spanish (I am already conversationally fluent). Is this a...

#foreign-service #travel #embassy #ambassador #foreign-languages


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Active Mar 19 at 22:52

2 answers

Posted by Piper W.’s Avatar Piper W.
Susan Waldau’s Avatar
Susan Waldau | Vice President Global Account Management at Great ambition and good plan! While you attend college, try to ...

How much would college in a foreign country affect my academics?

I had a friend who was a foreign-exchange student in my high school and I would love to go to college in her country. Their culture and customs are very intriguing to me and I would love to have firsthand experience but wouldn't want to if I would have too many issues learning. I would be...

#environmental-science #foreign-exchange #foreign-languages


Jennifer Haden’s Avatar Vernon Turner’s Avatar Eliza Hall’s Avatar
Active Jan 10 at 12:13

3 answers

Posted by Katherine S.’s Avatar Katherine S.
Jennifer Haden’s Avatar
Jennifer Haden | Higher Education Consultant Hi, Katherine! When developing a potential list of universities that you ...

What's the most challenging part about choosing a foreign language as a major?

I am considering majoring in French because I love the culture and I wish to learn more about it while studying abroad. I would just like to know what to expect for when I begin studying for it. #france #bilingual #academic-advising #language #foreign-languages...



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Active May 02 at 08:49

4 answers

Posted by Ari G.’s Avatar Ari G.
Nicole S.’s Avatar
Nicole S. | Multilingual Technical Analyst that develops projects to streamline ... The most challenging part about majoring in a foreign language is ...

What kind of master's degrees can I do if I am studying translation and interpreting?

I am studying the degree of translation and interpreting but I do not know the offer of masters that I can choose. #jobs #language #foreign-languages #translation...



Deb Ghosh’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:42

1 answers

Posted by Irene P.’s Avatar Irene P.
Deb Ghosh’s Avatar
Deb Ghosh | Client Tech Support A master’s degree is an academic degree that can be pursued ...

Is it possible to learn scientific terms in another language while studying science in English?

I am already bilingual (speak English and Spanish), but my Spanish-speaking abilities still lie a lot more on the informal/conversational side rather than formal/technical. I know that just knowing another language will benefit me no matter what, but I feel that it won't help me as much in my...

#foreign-languages #women-in-stem #language #science #study #stem #studying #studying-tips


Shelley Notarnicola’s Avatar Roger Little’s Avatar
Active Mar 05 at 02:49

2 answers

Posted by Lily H.’s Avatar Lily H.
Shelley Notarnicola’s Avatar
Shelley Notarnicola | Inside Sales Engineer Google translate has gotten really good. You can probably start typing ...

Can I still become a Spanish teacher if I have a non-education Spanish degree in addition to a Music Education degree?

I want to know if I can lessen my course load. If I can use the education part of my Bachelors of Music and apply it to my Spanish degree, then that would do that. #foreign-languages #education #music-education #spanishmajor #spanish-education...



Active Jan 24 at 09:52

1 answers

Posted by Bradley K.’s Avatar Bradley K.
JENNA ZEBROWSKI | Bilingual JD/MBA with compliance and regulatory experience and ... Check with your academic adviser, they can tell you what credit ...

Should I take a certification for my second language in order to stay competitive?

I am bilingual but not incredibly strong at the writing or reading side of the language. I wanted to know if this would be putting me at a disadvantage and if I should take initiative to take a certification to prove my skills. #foreign-languages #careers #internships #evaluating-resumes...

#skills #resume


Active Feb 13 at 14:19

1 answers

Posted by Tanya M.’s Avatar Tanya M.
JENNA ZEBROWSKI | Bilingual JD/MBA with compliance and regulatory experience and ... The more fluent you are in a language (reading/writing/speaking), the better ...

What languages should I learn next?

I'm aware that knowing more than one language can get you unique opportunities, my mother language is Portuguese and I also speak English. I was wondering what language should I learn now. I thought about French since I'm living in Canada, but German is another language that people say it's...

#foreign-languages #film-production #language #german #post-production #international #editing


Sylvia Patalano Stenson’s Avatar Dave Petrelius’s Avatar Robert Beaham’s Avatar WADDAH GHEBE,M.D.’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:56

4 answers

Posted by Ursula G.’s Avatar Ursula G.
Sylvia Patalano Stenson’s Avatar
Sylvia Patalano Stenson | Trial Attorney You are extremely marketable speaking many languages. If you have a ...

What environmental engineering fields incorporate foreign languages?

I am wanting to study German and Environmental Engineering at university this fall. I am pretty quick to pick up languages and I can speak Mandarin, French and German. I was wondering how useful languages can be in different engineering fields. #college #engineering #engineer #language...

#foreign-languages #environmental-engineering


Kai Simonsen’s Avatar Kai Simonsen’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:27

2 answers

Posted by Natalie D.’s Avatar Natalie D.
Kai Simonsen’s Avatar
Kai Simonsen | --Sr Environmental Engineer Interpreting, understanding and applying environmental regulations is already a foreign language ...

What are some tips for language learning?

I love to learn languages and often do so by teaching myself. I can speak English and German proficiently, followed by Spanish decently well, and basic sentences in Turkish, Italian, and Russian. What are some tips on learning foreign languages and becoming more fluent? #language #german...

#languages #language-skills #foreign-languages #spanish


Rachel Emery’s Avatar
Active Mar 05 at 19:08

1 answers

Posted by Rachel D.’s Avatar Rachel D.
Rachel Emery’s Avatar
Rachel Emery | Spanish Teacher Great question. How did you learn the other languages you know? ...

Hi, I am a sophomore in high school. I am interested in art, reading, writing, singing, foreign languages, traveling, not a people person, love being outside, love coming to school and children. I wanted to know, what k ind of career path can I choose?

Hi, I am a sophomore in high school. I am interested in art, reading, writing, singing, foreign languages, traveling, not a people person, love being outside, love coming to school and children. I wanted to know, what k ind of career path can I choose? #writing #travel #foreign-languages...

#performing-arts #literature


DeAndre Esteen’s Avatar Kendall Sand’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:07

2 answers

Posted by Nisha F.’s Avatar Nisha F.
DeAndre Esteen’s Avatar
DeAndre Esteen | Employee Communications and Programs Manager, Barclaycard US You have a lot of personal interests and passions, which is ...

Language: Self Study or take classes?

I will be entering college soon and I really want to learn French. For a few months I have been self studying with online resources because my my high school does not offer the language. I believe that my college only offers courses in beginners French and I do not know if I should take these...

#self-study #foreign-languages #college #language #french


Jaron Hightower-Mills’s Avatar Manuel Garcia’s Avatar Garth Lewis’s Avatar Alice Bekombo’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:56

4 answers

Posted by Galina B.’s Avatar Galina B.
Jaron Hightower-Mills’s Avatar
Jaron Hightower-Mills | Higher Education Administration and International Education Specialist I would encourage to take classes, either at your university or ...

What colleges offer anti-human trafficking courses or I guess degrees?

I'm a high school student currently and already know I want to put my life on the line in different developing countries and stop human trafficking. I want to go to college and be able to directly progress in this field but have no idea what colleges offer the best programs for prepping to be...

#foreign-languages #save-children #foreign #human-trafficking #college-majors #college-courses #college #foreign-countries


Ken Simmons’s Avatar
Active May 09 at 20:19

1 answers

Posted by Kamry C.’s Avatar Kamry C.
Ken Simmons’s Avatar
Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential There are many people from many different career areas working on ...

Are foreign language degree considered "useless?"

I love foreign languages. I'm already bilingual. (I speak Spanish fluently.) It's my dream to become a polyglot. In college, I'm certain I want to either minor or major in a foreign language. I'm particularly interested in learning Japanese, but I'm also considering Arabic or Russian. The...

#foreign-languages #bachelorsdegree #careers-for-people-with-liberal-arts-degrees #japanese #spanish #russian #arabic


Active Feb 23 at 04:08

1 answers

Posted by Yasmin A.’s Avatar Yasmin A.
JENNA ZEBROWSKI | Bilingual JD/MBA with compliance and regulatory experience and ... An additional (or multiple) additional languages are always valuable. You don't ...

How hard is it to get a job through the SMOE program out of college?

I would like to teach English in Seoul, South Korea however, I hear that the SMOE program is very competitive. Are there any things that I can do while in college to make my job application stand out? #tefl #teaching-english-as-a-second-language-tefl ##korea #korean #esl...



Active Apr 22 at 09:43

0 answers

Posted by Tamyko G.’s Avatar Tamyko G.

Should my resume be bilingual or monolingual?

I am applying for internships in linguistics, translation and languages-related fields. I live in Montreal, which is a very bilingual city. I am wondering if it is perceived as too much to send my cv in double in order to send it in both French and English. If I should send a single version,...

#linguistics #foreign-languages #language #job-application #french #english #translation


Natalie Fein, MSeD, NCC, DCC’s Avatar Jayavignesh Arivalagan’s Avatar Mark Wagner’s Avatar
Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:50

3 answers

Posted by Kelly A.’s Avatar Kelly A.
Natalie Fein, MSeD, NCC, DCC’s Avatar
Natalie Fein, MSeD, NCC, DCC | Nationally Certified Counselor Hi Kelly, The purpose of the Official Languages Act last revised ...

What do you recommend for self-study over the summer for a Japanese major?

I have been immersing myself further in Japanese media and I bought the first Genki textbook. I have taken a year online and have been studying on my own as well. I know a great deal of vocabulary, but I am weak in grammar and kanji. Do you have any recommendations for media, online sources, or...

#translation #foreign-languages #studying-tips #language #japanese


Rainer Mager’s Avatar David Goldstein’s Avatar
Active Dec 01 '17 at 09:41

2 answers

Posted by Jesse U.’s Avatar Jesse U.
Rainer Mager’s Avatar
Rainer Mager | Technical Program Manager at Google I lived in Japan for more than 20 years and studying ...

What foreign language should I learn?

I want to learn a new language so I can potentially use it in my professional career. Is there a language that would be more useful in the business world? #business #career #entrepreneurship #language #foreign-languages #social-networking...



Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D.’s Avatar Debra Robertson  MSEd CLSS’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:49

3 answers

Posted by Albert P.’s Avatar Albert P.
Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar
Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, Good question, I think it depends on where you live ...

Should I go on and take AP Spanish in high school?

I am a student going into my junior year of high school. This upcoming fall, I will start taking a Spanish IV Honors course for the whole year. Compared to Spanish I (which I took in middle school) and Spanish II (which I took my freshman year), Spanish III has been relatively harder. There is...

#high-school-classes #foreign-languages #language #student #spanish #ap-spanish


Lance Nathan’s Avatar Monty Clegg’s Avatar Monty Clegg’s Avatar David Briggs’s Avatar
Active Feb 18 at 19:43

4 answers

Posted by Karen P.’s Avatar Karen P.
Lance Nathan’s Avatar
Lance Nathan | Senior Linguistics Developer at Luminoso Believe me, I have immense amounts of sympathy for you! When ...

How do I narrow down my interests in college?

Hi everyone! The one thing that excites me the most about college is getting to study what I'm interested in and taking all sorts of amazing classes. The only problem is, my interests are super diverse! I love math and science, but I'm also interested in French, economics, and music.The...

#foreign-languages #science #economics #college-major #research #college #music #math


Bob Russell’s Avatar Brendon Larsen, PTA’s Avatar matthew adeleye’s Avatar Rachel Chace’s Avatar
Active Apr 04 at 13:31

4 answers

Posted by Anna K.’s Avatar Anna K.
Bob Russell’s Avatar
Bob Russell | Senior Consultant at Hay Group That's actually a great question and I'm sure a lot of ...

what is the most inspired course you have taken?

As a high school student, you suppose to take many classes as you want. But there are some courses that will be your favorite and determine your career path. So I want to ask many students about their stories, which we can share many variety information and come up with a better answer for...

#biology #foreign-languages #genetics #marketing #healthcare #science #mathematics #computer-software


Joe Notter’s Avatar John Stokes’s Avatar Jennifer Campbell’s Avatar Diego Puppin’s Avatar
Active Mar 03 at 01:46

4 answers

Posted by Linh L.’s Avatar Linh L.
Joe Notter’s Avatar
Joe Notter | Professional RAN Engineer at AT&T Mobility I love your question. My favorite course was Developmental Biology.I am ...
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