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To become a diplomat what do you have to do besides the FSOT? I know there's some simulations and an oral part and the telephone test, but is there a physical portion of the test? How hard is the telephone test? What are the simulations/oral portions like

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just really passionate about this. I'll be entering college in the fall and I'm really interested in knowing what classes would help me meet all qualifications needed to become a diplomat. #international-relations #diplomacy...



Active Jan 06 at 09:58

2 answers

Posted by Jessica S.
Dale Giovengo | Diplomat Hello Jessica, The State Department usually provides housing when you are ...

Is the Foreign Service Academy really selective and hard (ivy league hard) to get in?

Planning to be a diplomat but I would like to know if I will have to have a really amazing resume or is the academy only take testing scores. Something I would like to know before I am dead set on being a diplomat. #government #diplomat...



Active Apr 21 at 15:24

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Posted by Lindsay M.

What should I do to work in an embassy abroad?

I want to travel the world and help people for the rest of my life, thus I think that working in an American embassy in foreign countries would be perfect for me. I currently plan on majoring in International Relations and minoring in Spanish (I am already conversationally fluent). Is this a...

#foreign-service #travel #embassy #ambassador #foreign-languages


Active Mar 19 at 22:52

2 answers

Posted by Piper W.
Susan Waldau | Vice President Global Account Management at Great ambition and good plan! While you attend college, try to ...

What can I do to better prepare me for a career in the foreign service?

My dream is to be a foreign service officer for the State Department and I know that you can intern at certain Embassies but I'm not sure what else to do to prepare for a career in government. #internships #government #international-affairs #international-relations #foreign-affairs...

#foreign-service #state-department


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:39

2 answers

Posted by Kira N.
Mukesh Kamat | Technical Support Specialist at Dell

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