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What does a normal day look like for a Forensic Science Technician ?

I have always wanted a hands on job that push my thinking further everyday and a Forensic Science Technician caught my eye. So I have been wondering what does a normal day look like for them. Do they have to go in at 3:00 in the morning or do they have a set schedule like 8 am to 8pm?...

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Posted by A'kia B.’s Avatar A'kia B.
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Fredericka Illinois | Senior Forensic Chemist at Drug Enforcement Administration Hi A'kia, That's a great question! I am a forensic chemist. ...

How much preparation should a student have for going into their planned major?

I have experience in my planned major but I'm not certain how much is enough when planning to apply. #forensic-chemistry #forensic-investigation #forensics #college...



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Posted by Dessika B.’s Avatar Dessika B.

What jobs could I get with a forensics degree?


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Posted by jasmine M.’s Avatar jasmine M.
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Alexis Krouzkevitch | Forensic Science Graduate at Arizona State University Really any job that you meet the minimum requirements for. I ...

What would be a typical day for a crime scene analyst?

I'm working on chemistry degree, specifically in the field of forensic science. I''m interested in the subject matter but not sure how to apply myself to it. So, I was wondering about certain career options within that field. #forensic-science #forensic-chemistry #crime-scene-investigation...

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Posted by Lei T.’s Avatar Lei T.
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Sabrina Vera | Associates in science (crime scene investigation) I believe they are responsible for collecting evidence at scenes. such ...

I understand that as a Forensic Biologist you are looking at DNA and the small micro details to solve a crime, however, how often does this evidence actually lead to a great discovery that solves the case?

I want to be a Forensic Biologist. I know what the job implies, but I really want to know how often the evidence actually leads to solving the crime. #professor #forensicscientist #criminologist #dnaanalysist #forensic #forensic-chemistry #forensic-analysis #biology #law-enforcement...



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Posted by Rebecca S.’s Avatar Rebecca S.
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Francis Taplin | Laboratory Technical Services I was surprised to learn during my education that DNA evidence ...
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