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Would you recommend one to major in such a rigorous science department that they are not so good at or to do something more lightly in the science department?

Im interested in majoring in a forensic field ; moreover, digging deeper, I desire to become a medical examiner. I know that this requires me to major in some sort of chemistry field and then going to medical school. However, I urge to ask you how dedicated do you have to be in order to become...


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Is it practical to want to be a CSI?

I grew up watching crime shows including different CSI shows. I also understand that a CSI isn't exactly like on tv but I don't want to just be a forensic science technician. I want to be able to do field work. #law-enforcement...


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Majors associated with Forensic Biology

Hello, My name is Nasurae and I am a senior at Achievement First Amistad High School. I am interested in either becoming a forensic biologist, but most schools do not offer any majors that is directly related to this career. Are there any majors or classes I can take that will connect me to...

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Will pursuing a double major in criminal justice and Pre-Med help me to become a medical examiner?

I have been told by multiple guidance counselors that double majoring in criminal justice and pre-med would set me up to become a medical examiner but one of my teachers notified me that I would have to pair pre-med with forensics. #premed #forensics...


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Should I study medicine, criminology, or both?

I want to become a forensic pathologist for the FBI, and I read somewhere that I need an M.D. and a degree in criminology, plus some prerequisites in some other fields. How am I supposed to fit all of that in? #doctor #criminology #forensics...


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What's the difference between these careers?

I've researched these jobs for a long while now but can't find what's different above them. What's the difference between a Medical Examiner, a Forensic Pathologist, and a coroner? What's the exact difference? Does one of them work with the FBI? Could you still have one of these jobs, but also...

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