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How do I guard myself from toxic people in college?

I want to make sure I use discernment in who my closest circle of friends are while I am in college....



Active Mar 22 at 22:14

1 answers

Posted by Rachel W.
Amit Kapadia | Financial Analyst Hi Rachel,Your concern is very valid. Sometimes it is very tough ...

Would you recommend rooming with a friend for your freshmen year in college?

When I go off to school, I want to have a friend go with me so I'm not alone. I don't know what I would do at a big university, all by myself. I've considered having one of my two best friends room with me but I'm not sure if that will cause issues. We've spent the night over each others houses...

#college #friendship #student


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:05

1 answers

Posted by Jaliyah S.
Katelyn Garrison | Career Advisor | Co-Instructor at Florida State University Jaliyah, Your first year in college is supposed to involve meeting ...

What's the best way to fit in and make good friends?

Sometimes I have a hard time finding friends and fitting in. I want to make sure I have hanging out with people that I like and respect who have my best interest in mind. #friendship #good-friends...



Active Apr 24 at 16:13

2 answers

Posted by Raymond H.
Patricia Ross, BSN-RN | Registered Nurse Making friends can be a little tricky. Knowing what you like ...

How can a shy person be successful in college?

I love hanging out with people and participating in activities. However, I feel very uncomfortable when I don't know anyone in the room, so often I stay in and keep to myself. When I'm with a bunch of strangers, I feel like the odd one out and have difficulty getting comfortable enough to...

#college #college-success #friendship #college-advice


Active Jun 03 at 09:52

3 answers

Posted by Ciara P.
Jacob Schwarber | Assurance Associate Hi, Ciara,I think Tracy is absolutely right - getting over your ...

What is all that i need to do to get into accounting?

I am asking because i want to be sure of what i need to achieve to reach this goal of mine . #technology #management #accounting #money #computers #buisness...



Active Mar 16 at 15:57

4 answers

Posted by Nick I.
Rose McGovern | Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Professional Business Administration and Accounting degrees (at the undergraduate and graduate levels) ...

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