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How to be a good game designer

I'm 16 and I go to Balboa High School in 11th grade. I am very interested on how people make these amazing PC games and is so cool how they make it and is so fun playing it....


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What was a major class for you in high school during your senior year for becoming a graphic designer?

I want to know what classes are the most important in becoming a graphic designer while I'm in my senior year in high school so i could improve my skills that i need in becoming a graphic designer and be able to be ready for college and my career job.#video-games #game-design...


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How should I prepare for a career in Game Design?

I wish to go into a career of Game Design and Programming. I want to be fully prepared for college so I know what I'm doing before I go in; also, I want to create small portfolio of simple games to show that I have some knowledge in the field. What kind of things should I do to become more...

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is it possible to get in gaming industry as an artist who is self taught

So, i have huge passion for videogames since i was a little girl. Here i stand. One time graduate, two times school failed(because my parents chose what i should study.this means gardening and agriculture) i recently moved another country, where i took time to discover my artistic and (still...

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What are the requirements of becoming a game designer? Is it worth it?

You design a game, yes, but will I be responsible for possessing any other skills? Do I need to be good at coding, math, etc to even think of being a game designer? Most importantly, is game design worth it compared to my other choices like coding? Are game designers in high demand or should I...

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If I worked in a video game company, do I get to play lots of video games?

Hi I'm wondering if there's a real job where I can play video games all the time if I work at a video game company. I am in high school and will apply to college next year. I really really really love playing video games. On weekends I can play games all day long alone or with friends or my...

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What does it take to be a concept artist?

I want to be a designer. I always have wanted to be a designer of some sort, but I'm not entirely sure for what yet. I'd like to be a concept artist, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be a good enough artist to become one. What are the biggest things a concept artist should need to be able to...

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Would Video Game designer be considered as tech?

Since their is a lot of programming put into creating video games would there be something in the tech department that could be beneficial to wanting to work in the gaming industry? Weather is has to do with animation or not. #tech #animation #gaming...


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I want to work in EA Games as a game developer engineer so what should I do next

I am a student of computer science and engineering(bachelor's degree ), computer is my passion and gaming is my hobby, I am good in c,c++ and Java language also I have experience in developing computer desktop app and android app for college projects #animation #game-design #game-development...


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My current high school doesn't have programming classes ?

I had a plan in my old school to take 2 years of programming but I moved. My new school has no programming classes and I don't want to go into college with no experience in the field. I want to go into the game design field and be a programmer but I am worried that I won't know anything about...

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What does one or a few types of typical days look like for you if you're a game designer?

I just asked this question about programming but I want to ask also for game designers. Are you mostly drawing all day in a studio? What does it feel like and what do you actually do? Do you only work on one game at a time? If there are different types of days, I would really like to know what...

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Game Company Internships for High School Students?

I've been looking into it for a few days now, but most companies in my state say that to apply for an internship requires me to be in collage. I've been having trouble as it has for the matter, and I would like to have a first hand experience to either work along side other people in the field...

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How much money can I earn making video games?

I love games and gamers! I am thinking very seriously about getting into the video game industry and I am definitely going to go to college. I know it is really popular and competitive and I am going to work hard and look around for any opportunity. When I get out of college what kind of money...

#money #compensation #computer-games #game-design #gaming

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What are some good ways for high school students to gain experience?

I did not have a lot of experience outside of school and volunteering when I started at university, and my brothers are both looking as they could be in the same boat as I was. I have given them a couple of suggestions from things that I learned, however, is there anything that anyone would...

#high-school #volunteering #engineering #experience #sports #coaching #game-design #swimming

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Questions about User Experience (UX) and Prototyping tools in Game Design

Hey all, I'm interested in pursuing a career in game design and because it is such a broad field that encompasses a multitude of disciplines and specialties (especially in larger studios), I am specifically interested in going into UX Design (a.k.a. Visual Design, Interaction Design, or UI...

#user-experience #ux-design #visual-design #prototyping #game-design #user-interface-design #interaction-design #wireframes

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How do I practice programming and making games?

Currently, all I know is a little bit of GameMaker's built in coding language, and I have a budget of 0 dollars. I've made 1 game with the help of a YouTube tutorial (an asteroids clone) and have multiple unfinished projects. I want to know the answer to these questions: What programming...

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What was your first job in the game development industry? Please share your experiences--the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it--with me.

Hello. I am an aspiring Game Designer/Developer who's attending college to get my Bachelor's Degree. I was just wondering to all the veterans and professionals in the Game Development world, what was your first job title working in the industry? Did you like it? Was it memorable? What game...

#video-games #computer-games #game-development #successes #challenges #game-design #professional-development #video-game-design

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