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If I take a year off of school, How will it effect my chances of getting into a college or university.

Most adults look down on taking "leap years" but I believe that it may be a good idea for some people....



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:17

1 answers

Posted by Taleya L.
Edward Buck, CISSP | Manager, Security Sales Engineering - Strategic Accounts at ... I expect that if you have the SAT scores you should ...

Is it smart to take a gap year to work and apply for better schools next year?

I missed out on a lot of deadlines because I didn't want to go to a prestigious school, but now I'm reconsidering. If I take a gap year, can I apply next fall? How much more difficult will that be? #college...



Active Jan 20 at 03:03

0 answers

Posted by Bella D.

Are gap years ok to take?

My goal is to go to medical school and become a physician. However, I feel that if I have a little more time, I can get more clinical experience and be a more competitive applicant. Are gap years looked down upon by medical schools? #medicine...



Active Mar 16 at 19:37

0 answers

Posted by Rachel J.

How does a GAP year after high school affect my career?

Due to me moving countries, after high school, I was unable to enroll and start at a university. #college...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:16

2 answers

Posted by Alisha S.
Peter Winkle | Director Global Marketing and Sales Strategy DELL Hi Alisha - this is a question i get quite often. ...

Does it affect my job prospects if I take a gap year before college?

I'm wondering whether it would be a bad thing for my career if I took a gap year between high school and college. I'm interested in working in medicine, but I'm not sure if that will be as a doctor or as a researcher. But I'd like to go internationally at some point, and deferring my college...

#gap-year #college #healthcare


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:00

9 answers

Posted by Joan C.
Han Zhu | Product Strategy at LinkedIn No, it won't affect your job prospects at all, especially if ...

How do I know if going to college immediately after high school is the right choice for me?

I attend Lexington High School which is very academically stressful and competitive. I was one of the many students that pushed myself throughout my four years there and now it seems as though it is expected of me to continue doing so in college right away but I am afraid of becoming burnt out...

#life-transitions #gap-year #college


Active Jun 10 at 10:48

1 answers

Posted by Tess J.
Krista van Kaathoven | Company Owner at You know, if you want an answer to this question make ...

If I take a Gap Year before college, is it better to apply & accept to a college but delay my start date?

If I take a Gap Year, I've heard that I can still apply to college and accept but tell them I'm going to delay my start once I'm accepted. Is this the best way to go. #gap-year #college #college-prep...



Active Apr 21 at 00:17

0 answers

Posted by Julia P.

How do you take a GAP year?


Active Apr 21 at 00:39

0 answers

Posted by Haddy J.

Is taking a Gap Year a good idea?

I hear pros and cons to taking a Gap Year. I'm not 100% sure on which major I want to take in college and thought it best to give myself time to find out what I like. #gap-year #college #college-prep #college-major...



Active Apr 21 at 00:15

0 answers

Posted by Julia P.

How does an individual go about taking a gap year before an Ivy League law school?

How does an individual go about taking a gap year before an Ivy League law school? Do you wait until the end of senior year then apply? Or wait until the gap year has finished? #law #law-school #ivy-league...



Active Dec 07 '17 at 03:15

2 answers

Posted by Shelly K.
Eliza Hall | Counsel at Potomac Law Group, PLLC Most law schools' application windows close in February-March of the year ...

Is it more logical to go to college first or workforce?


Active May 26 at 23:12

1 answers

Posted by Cortney L.
Matthew Hulse | Director at East Bay College Fund It completely depends on what you want to be when you ...

Post College Plans

In three years I will have a bachelors degree and I am interested in pursuing a Masters at graduate school. Many people are advising me to take a year or more off in between. However, I am worried that if I do so I will not have the drive to go back to school. I would like to see Europe and...

#masters #gap-year #graduate-school #travel


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:31

3 answers

Posted by Danica F.
Eoghan Spillane | UK Channel Account Manager at Dell It is really personal preference, I did a masters straight after ...

Is it better to take a gap year before or after college for an international program?

I am a high school senior interested in international health care. I would love to take a gap year and travel to help in a developing nation. However, I am not sure if such experience is better after gaining more knowledge with my undergrad or now, fresh out of high school. The program is...

#international #gap-year #college #healthcare


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:00

6 answers

Posted by Laetitia Tiani V.
Brett Sun | Software Engineering Intern at LinkedIn Abso-effing-lutely. That's it. Don't even hesitate, Just Do It(TM). If you're ...

Can I apply to dental school and hygiene school at the same time?

I have been put on a wait list to dental schools. I am going to reapply again but I am keeping my options open just in case dental school will not accept me again. I am also going to apply at a hygiene school. ( Note I have all the requirements I needed for dental my scores were not that bad....

#dental-school #hygiene-school #gap-year #school-counseling #student-counseling


Active Apr 13 at 13:29

1 answers

Posted by Leonila D.
Gwendolyn Quintana | Policy Analyst at Texas Medical Association Yes. Many people apply to multiple different programs at the same ...

If I am unsure of which job field I'm going into, how do I know whether I should go to college? Should I take a gap year?

I am very much considering taking a gap year, however some people around me seem to discourage it. I know I do not want to go into college if I go into a field where it is unnecessary, such as filming, which I am considering. Any suggestions? #college #career #career-choice #careers #gap-year...



Active Sep 27 '17 at 10:01

2 answers

Posted by Mary R.
Cristel de Rouvray | Consultant, Organizational Intelligence Hi Taking the time to find your interests and narrow down ...

Gap Years: Are they worth the hype?

The New York Times discussed Malia Obama's contribution to a 'growing and expensive' gap year trend. Is a gap year a good decision for students who want to learn what life has to offer or is it just a waste of time? Taking into account that a student would do some type of volunteering or...

#work-life-balance #gap-year #college-applications #volunteering #travel #college


Active Nov 10 '17 at 13:20

2 answers

Posted by elissa G.
bridget navoda | Senior Product Development Manager Hi Elissa: What a neat question -- the "Gap Year" is ...

What are the advantages of taking a gap-year?

I am intrigued in what people have to say for this because I have thought about taking a year off before I enter college. I am interested in having a career in the medical field, but am also interested in film-making. I was thinking I could either do some volunteer work during this time or...

#gap-year #high-school #advice #college #film-making #medical


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:01

2 answers

Posted by Alexis F.
Jared Chung | Founder at Hi Alexis. I think your question has already been asked... ...

How can you know if it's the right decision to take a gap year before college?

I have been considering taking a gap year before I start college, however, at the same time I feel ready to begin college life. I researched and talk to others but didn't really receive any great advice. How can you make this decision? #travel #maturity #hardchoice #college #college-advice...



Active Dec 01 '17 at 12:48

2 answers

Posted by Sarah M.
Nicole S. | Multilingual Technical Analyst that develops projects to streamline ... If you're torn between a gap year and starting college, you ...

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