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What job opportunities are opened up if I get a minor in geology? Would getting a minor in biology open up more doors?

I am stuck between the two majors! #biology...



Active Oct 20 '17 at 12:15

2 answers

Posted by Brendan G.
Jonathan Welker, PG | Remote UAS Pilot | Geologist for Hire This depends on two things: 1) what is going to be ...

What kind of jobs can I expect to get with a Geology degree?

I recently switched to Geology major and want to know if there is a demand for this...



Active May 30 at 18:05

1 answers

Posted by Matthew V.
Nick Rashid | Staff Geologist / Environmental Case Manager at Kleinfelder In the United States geology careers typically fall into four general ...

What does my path have to look like in order to become an environmental geologist?

You can only search so much online, so I feel like I have the basis of what it might have to look like, but I've never had any one give their personal account. To know what someone went through, and to know their advice would be more than helpful for me. #environmental-geology...



Active Apr 16 at 10:13

0 answers

Posted by Alyson V.

What type of earth science is most common?

I want to know this because I want to study the earth more but I don't know what to do.Also I want to know what earth study is paid the most.#geology...



Active Oct 20 '17 at 13:03

2 answers

Posted by Isaac A.
Keith Patton | Decisive and Results-Oriented Geologist Issac: Career-wise, petroleum geoscience employs the most geoscientists. Having said that, ...

If I want to be a paleontologist, would it be better to minor in geology or biology?

I have always wanted to study earth and its history, and paleontology mixes my love for biology and geology together. #biology #geology...



Active Dec 15 '17 at 01:40

2 answers

Posted by Brendan G.
Dewi Larasati, CPG | Senior Geologist |Conventional-Unconventional|Reservoir Characterization|Field Development|3D Geo-cellular Modeling| If you want to study the earth and its history the ...

What skills are most important for me to learn in preparation for a career as a Geologist / Geoscientist?

I am a freshman Geology major and want to choose the best coursework to prepare myself for a career in geology / geoscience. #geology #geoscientist #environmental-geology...


Active Mar 17 at 15:00

1 answers

Posted by Thomas M.
Philip K | Petroleum Geologist I'm glad you're choosing geology as your major! Some of my ...

Does adding a Computer Science minor with my Geology major make sense?

I am a freshman Geology major at Alfred University and thinking of adding a minor in Computer Science. #geology #computer-science #geologist...


Active Feb 07 at 16:15

2 answers

Posted by Thomas M.
Jeff Sloan | Software engineer - firmware Retired Hi Thomas,Great question! The short is yes. The long answer is ...

What are the classes you took when you engaged in the geophysics course? How hard was it to find a job after graduation?

I want to be a seismologist and I've read that you have to take physics and geology courses. However, there are no specific classes that I should take. #physics #geology #geophysics...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:12

1 answers

Posted by Brianna J.
Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hi Brianna, What background do I need in high school? It's ...

Is Geological Engineering a good major?

I have loved rocks all my life. My dad also works with construction so I also have a knack for physics and all that good stuff. I was just wondering if I made a good decision in my major. #engineering #high-school-classes #geology...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:43

1 answers

Posted by Samantha R.
Peter Sturtevant | Retired Civil Engineer Hello, Samantha: Most of my career I worked as a Civil ...

How likely would I be able to be a part of NASA? Would I need to do internships ?

I want to have a career in astronomy or geology #astronomy #nasa #space...



Active Nov 17 '17 at 13:30

2 answers

Posted by Xavier L.
Keith Patton | Decisive and Results-Oriented Geologist Xavier: NASA wants specialists. I had a friend in Graduate school ...

I will be taking a Fieldcraft / Outdoor Proficiency class as part of my major (Geology). Should I still participate in a Geology Field Camp?

I plan to have a career in geoscience. I want to be prepared for my future career. I also wonder if a Field Camp experience is especially important to employers. #geology #geoscientist #environmental-geology #geoscience...



Active Feb 01 at 13:38

1 answers

Posted by Thomas M.
Marina Cubias-Castro | Environmental Engineer at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Hi Thomas, I gathered some information from a senior geologist in ...

What are good careers surrounding the geology field

Geology has always caught my interest because rocks and the earth have fascinated me. Just all the different sizes and colors they give and the sound you can hear from them, the ways they resonate with different materials when they come in contact or tap each other. #geology...

#environmental-science #landscaping #rocks


Active Feb 14 at 09:36

1 answers

Posted by pedro H.
Anne Harvey | Environmental Scientist at Philadelphia Water Department There are sooo many different types of geology. You can focus ...

What does the typical day of an environmental scientist look like?

So, I understand that it a very, VERY broad field. But, I am curious as to the range of jobs and daily activities associated with working within the environmental sciences/biology/geology? Thank you! #environmental-science #biology #environmental-geology #geology...



Active Feb 12 at 09:17

4 answers

Posted by Ashley H.
Anne Harvey | Environmental Scientist at Philadelphia Water Department My job title is actually Environmental Scientist, but I work in ...

Is a BS in Geology any good?

Is BS Geology a good course to take? What are the possible careers after taking this course? (a friend told me to relay her q here) #geology #science #earth-science #career...



Active Nov 21 '17 at 18:02

2 answers

Posted by Sammy B.
Dewi Larasati, CPG | Senior Geologist |Conventional-Unconventional|Reservoir Characterization|Field Development|3D Geo-cellular Modeling| There are some career options for a geologist. You can work ...

Do political and industrial motives significantly influence the types of research conducted by Geophysicists and the impacts of the results they find?

I have always been interested in the environment and especially in geology. The amount of information that an experienced geologist can deduce from aspects of the local strata and environment is amazing to me, and I want to use that information to help people live safely and harmoniously...

#environmental-science #earth-science #geophysics #physics #geology


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:47

1 answers

Posted by Zachary T.
Keith Martin | Wireless Technology Planning Hi Zachary, My experience is limited to having colleagues in academia ...

How do I find a job that incorporates everything I love to do? What degree should I pursue?

I am absolutely in LOVE with the outdoors and travel. My favorite subjects in school have always been Geology, Earth Science, and Biology. I am very passionate about the environment and sustainability. I look forward to all my classes, and I really enjoy being a student in general. College is...

#science #travel #nature #creative-professions #geology


Active Jan 24 at 19:58

3 answers

Posted by Ann N.
John Medeiros | Environmental Health and Safety Manager (Seeking Next Great ... Ann N. You have asked the "I want to make my ...

Do you see a lot of cross-over in the areas of expertise of people with different Earth Science degrees?

There are many different degrees relating to Earth Science, like Geophysics, Applied or Near-Surface Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geology, pure Earth Science, etc, and different colleges offer different ones. I know that there are technically differences between them, but I also know that...

#oil #nature #environmental-science #geology #hydrologist #earth-science #geochemistry #geophysics


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:47

3 answers

Posted by Zachary T.
Maurisa Dallis | Owner at Clearlight Consulting Everyone is different. I'm an alone in my love for mass ...

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