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What are people willing to go through and sacrifice in order to achieve their future goals?

People usually only think of the end point of whatever goal they make. For example: Let's say Lisa wants to lose weight but all she is thinking about is what she'll look like after the weight loss, she isn't actually thinking about all the dieting and exercises she will need to do in order to...

#future #goals


Active May 16 at 00:28

1 answers

Posted by Jessica Joy S.
Diana Tulumba | Certified Life Coach, J.D. I like to focus on what my future self will look ...

Is CalTech a reasonable goal for me?

I have a 4.0 GPA and got a 1220 on the PSAT. I’m working on my score to improve the result on my SAT, but I believe mostly it’s because I haven’t taken Algebra II yet. I am taking extra classes during the summer. Am I aiming too high? #california #goals...



Active Mar 08 at 00:55

1 answers

Posted by Heidi K.
Rachel Chace | AmeriCorps Urban Education Fellow, TutorCorps <span style="background-color: transparent;"> is a great resource for this! I poured ...

What qualifications are needed to work for the FBI?

I want to be a forensic accountant for the FBI #future #goals #accountant #forensic #forensic-accounting #fbi...



Active May 05 at 17:09

1 answers

Posted by Tierra J.
Eric Wild | ☁ Helping SAP's Strategic Customers Run Simple in ... Tierra,The FBI is an exciting and challenging career, and one that ...

How to plan for retirement?

Seeing as how my income will be very minimal while in college (around 200$ a month) how can I begin saving for my retirement? -- Also interested in investing #plans #goals #retirement #investing #financial-planning...



Active Apr 20 at 19:03

0 answers

Posted by Joshua H.

Would it be a good idea to pursue my passion of being a custom home builder considering the market can change at any time?

I have always dreamed of becoming a home builder back in Texas, but I worry because of the economy can change and knowing real estate can be a gamble is definitely risky. It is a goal of mine and I will strive to achieve it even though the market can crash at any time. #homes...

#realestate #customhomebuilder #homebuilding #texas #goals


Active Jun 12 at 10:15

1 answers

Posted by Leyton L.
Kofi Kamara | Educator at the Crossroads The market may change but the skills needed to actually build ...

What are your future goals in life?

My future goals in life are to complete my college egducation and get my Bachelors degree, get into graduate school and work my way to become a Clinical Psychologist. These are the biggest life long goals that I have set up to complete, and I am working immensely on trying to achieve them all....

#essay #motivation #psychology #askquestion #clinicalpsychology #helping #future #college #goals #undergraduate


Active Mar 21 at 15:38

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Posted by Shanice N.

Should I go into the business career or should I follow my dreams.

My parents always pressure me to aim high and get a good job that pays me well. My dreams are to become an idol, singer, dancer, actress, model (mainly more into the entertainment industry which is really hard to get into). My parents do not agree with my dreams and rather have to go into...

#motivation #business #career #marketing #celebrity #music #goals #modeling #dreams


Active Mar 22 at 20:03

2 answers

Posted by Christina X.
Scott Lamb | Chemical Business Development Hi Christina,You should do both, if you can. Really lucky people ...

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