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How to prepare midterm with good grade?

It is not difficult for me to get good grade in final, but i usually get low grade in midterm....



Do you have suggestion to international student?

I am an international student in canada. Before I entered university, i usually have gap high than average even high rankings. However, I have low gpa in my university. I feel so sad and lose confidence although I think I can acquire degree....



4.0 GPA = Accepted by Ivy?

Shortly, am I more likely to get accepted as a transfer student to a really good school with a 4.0? Or, in general, chances are the same as for average students? #gpa...


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Can my G.P.A. get me financial aid for school?

I've always been a good student. All A's most of the time. I have a 4.0/4.0 G.P.A and I want to go to college. I am in concert choir, showchoir, and marching band and am working on finding a part time job as I will have to pay for most of my schooling myself. With that being said I really need...

#financialaid #gpa

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How important is my college GPA?

I'm considering either working after I graduate or applying to graduate school and my GPA isn't perfect. Specifically, what can I do to show professional drive if my GPA isn't a 4.0? #graduate-school...


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Gmat vs Gpa

What percentage of them seperately in application of master? #gpa...


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Is a 3.2 GPA bad?

I hang out with a lot of friends with very high GPAs. I do not know if I am just bringing myself down because I hangout with very intelligent people or if I should really be worrying. I am currently going into my junior year and will really be pushing myself this year. #scholarships #gpa...


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GPA? how is it looked at??

Im currently a junior in high school and this now is just crossing my mind, do colleges add up all 3 or 4 years of GPA and then divide it by a certain number to get an overall high school GPA or is it freshman year is one GPA, sophomore is another GPA, Junior year is another GPA and senior year...

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How can I get better grades?

The question was worded very differently from what I am trying to ask.To clarify, even though I had tried very hard to get a good overall GPA for my second semester in college, I still seemed to get lower than a 3.0 GPA. So, I believe that even when I tried my best I still didn't get the grades...

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Do potential jobs consider your GPA?

I know for internships there is usually a GPA cut-off. I am wondering if for real jobs, after you've had some experience, do they weigh your GPA as heavily when considering you for a position? #college #internships #job...


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How important is GPA in college?

I am a sophomore in college, and the classes I have been taking have been pretty tough. I'm always studying to try to stay ahead of the curve, and the professors usually give harder tests that warrant lower averages. In the field that I am interested in (Computer Science), I have doing well,...

#science #engineering #computer #college #gpa

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Will graduating with a very well GPA compared to graduating with an average GPA matter for getting a job?

Every semester I do and try my hardest to be the best that I can be. My GPA has never been lower than a 3.2, and I know that this really isn't even that good of a GPA but it is better than most, so I hear. What I would like to know is that will graduating with a high GPA necessarily make my...

#career #career-path #grades #gpa #career-paths

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While in college, is it possible to balance a social life, extra-curricular activities (such as student government), a part-time job AND maintain a 4.0 GPA? Or is a 4.0 even a realistic goal?

In high school, I am pretty involved my various activities (NHS, sports, job, youth group, music, etc.), but still manage to keep a 4.0 GPA. A few of my friends who are currently in college, who had a 4.0 in high school, talk about how difficult to keep even a 3.8, much less 4.0. #college...

#college-jobs #social-media #extracurriculars #gpa

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The school I am going to doesn't accept student loans? I have been doing scholarships a lot but how else can I fund my education? Are their other ways?

There is no federal funding at the college I am attending. They offer a 12,000 loan each year but that will obviously not cover the whole tuition and room and board. I have a 3.96 unweighted GPA but because it is a very competitive college that really doesn't get me many scholarships. I have...

#financing #education #loans #scholarships #gpa

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GPA calculation help?

So im a junior in highschool right now and my GPA isnt the greatest. FRESHMAN YEAR- English- C- English - D- History-C Gym- A- Algebra- D+ Algebra- F Physical science- D+ physical science- B- Spanish- A- Spanish- C Computer class-...

#school #college #help #math #gpa

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How do you find a college that is best fit for you?

I am going into my senior year of high school and need to start preparing for college applications. There are several universities that I have been drawn to, but after doing a ton of research, I could not seem to find a university that offers the whole package. I plan to go into the field of...

#occupational-therapy #college-selection #college-prep #university #gpa #east-coast #college

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