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How important is going to graduate school?

Many successful people seem to have made it in life outside of the school and degree system. Is the investment in time and money with it? #graduate...

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Is college anything like high school?

Once you get used to high school it seems like it would be hard to transition to a whole other school and lifestyle....


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What Degrees do you need to become a physical therapist?

My sister had to go to a physical therapist for her knee once, and I was curious and wanted to learn more about what this career was about. I want to know what degrees we have to do in order to map out college plans more....


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What are the factors that I should consider whether or not graduate school is appropriate for me?

I am almost done with my bachelor degree in college, and I'm not sure if going to graduate school is right for me. For now, I would like to explore the work market for a while first. I would like to get some advice on how I should determine or assess myself in future if I wanted to go on to...

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How do colleges determine which applicants have the potential to receive financial aid?

The tuition of college keep growing higher, and there are limited opportunities for scholarships. It is really helpful to know that there is help offered to people with a low income through financial aid. However, I'm not sure what the exact criteria are, and if it varies from college to...

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In order to qualify for med school could I just take the required course and major in something entirely unrelated to pre-med. If so, what classes will I need to qualify for med school and what grades would I need in those classes?

I'm interested in going to medical school but if I change my mind I want to major in something that I like and would get me a job after college. #college #doctor...


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Did you love or hate your college experiemce?

were you that kid that went to every event, or the kid that stayed in their dorm. Did you have friends, join a team, or joined a club? Did you love or hate your college experience? #graduate #sophomore...


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