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Is graduate school worth it?

I am considering about going to graduate school after undergraduate to further my studies but sometimes, I just wonder if it is worth the time and money....


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When pursuing graduate school, what are some things to keep in mind and look into?

I'm in the process of compiling a list of graduate schools to apply to in the fall and would like some advice on how to narrow down the list. Right now a big thing for me is location, so I'm only looking at particular states. But I'm sure there are other things that one should keep in mind when...


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Is grad school worth it?

What are the pros and cons of grad school? I'm thinking about majoring in occupational therapy- with that major, how seriously should I be thinking about grad school? #graduate-school...


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How important is my college GPA?

I'm considering either working after I graduate or applying to graduate school and my GPA isn't perfect. Specifically, what can I do to show professional drive if my GPA isn't a 4.0? #graduate-school...


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