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Am I more appealing to potential companies and organizations if I graduate with honors?


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Active Jan 24 at 15:04

2 answers

Posted by Rebecca M.’s Avatar Rebecca M.
Lindsey Baltz’s Avatar
Lindsey Baltz | Career Coach | Relationship Builder Hi Rebecca, While grades and honors are especially important in many ...

How many yeas of college to become a Lawyer?

because l am curious about becoming a Lawyer...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:09

1 answers

Posted by Ahmed M.’s Avatar Ahmed M.
Jenn Wilcox Thomas’s Avatar
Jenn Wilcox Thomas | Hall Capital Partners LLC Great question! To be a lawyer, you need to attend a ...

What are some fun things to do for graduation?

I was wondering what are some ways to celebrate a graduation. I am graduating in May and this will be my first real graduation because I did not have one for my GED. Should I reserve a restaurant for my family to celebrate after? What else could I do without going way over the top? Thank you!...

#college #graduation #graduate


Active Apr 16 at 09:45

0 answers

Posted by Christi W.’s Avatar Christi W.

What is the best way to condense college graduation time to three years?


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Active Apr 03 at 14:48

3 answers

Posted by chia O.’s Avatar chia O.
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Rachel Chace | AmeriCorps Urban Education Fellow, TutorCorps You will need to focus on stress and time management. In ...

Does failing in one elective means that you can not graduate?

i am asking this question because i have computer science AP class and it is really hard and i feel i can't get good grades in it. Somehow i passed my 1st semester but i am worried about my 2nd semester because if i don't pass maybe i have to go summer school and then delay my graduation and i...

#grades #academic-advising #graduation


Active Apr 21 at 00:35

0 answers

Posted by Zona Q.’s Avatar Zona Q.

What does it take to graduate from college?

The reason why is because so I would have an idea what to do to be successful in college. #college #graduation...



Active Apr 21 at 12:20

0 answers

Posted by Donovan P.’s Avatar Donovan P.

What qualities make a fresh graduate stand out to employers?

How important is a student's GPA upon graduation? What can one do to increase the likelihood of getting hired? #graduation #hiring #college...



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Active Jan 11 at 23:39

1 answers

Posted by Alisha S.’s Avatar Alisha S.
Jennifer Haden’s Avatar
Jennifer Haden | Higher Education Consultant Hi, Alisha - A high GPA, whether cumulative or in the ...

Are students able to find a job in their field of study right after college graduation?

I've always seen posts from recent college graduates saying they don't actually find a job they like or in their field. I'm wondering if it's actually true and if I should be prepared for that. #career #graduation #college #job-search...



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Active Apr 23 at 10:58

1 answers

Posted by Emily V.’s Avatar Emily V.
Gerard Baltrusaitis’s Avatar
Gerard Baltrusaitis | Internship/Employment Specialist at JVS Detroit A certain percentage of students are able to find a job ...

How do you take a GAP year?


Active Apr 21 at 00:39

0 answers

Posted by Haddy J.’s Avatar Haddy J.

How important is what I do after I graduate?

I have no idea what I'm going to do when I graduate in the winter of 2020. That's two years away, making me halfway through my college career. I get that I still have time but is it able to have a corporate career if I go and do volunteer work or travel after graduating? #after-graduation...

#high-school #college-advice #career #graduation #career-planning #college #career-path


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Active May 22 at 17:10

4 answers

Posted by Ethan G.’s Avatar Ethan G.
Jean Aguirre’s Avatar
Jean Aguirre | Account Manager, Subscriber Acquisition at AT&T This is a great question that I'm sure many students close ...

What are some good ways to make connections and get ahead while still in college?

Also, how can I land an internship in college and what year of college is best to complete one? What other things should I do in college to give me a more competitive edge for jobs when I graduate? #jobs #internships #extracurriculars #graduation #college...



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Active May 16 at 12:36

2 answers

Posted by Tamron S.’s Avatar Tamron S.
Paras Shah’s Avatar
Paras Shah | Assurance Senior Associate at PwC Hi Tamron - great question. To answer the first part of ...

Best markets to break into?

I will be graduating with my associates degree soon, and then will be finishing up a few classes to earn my associates in business as well. I would like to know which field of business is best to pursue once I graduate that will allow me to utilize my degrees. #graduation #classof2020 #degree...

#women-in-business #careers-in-business #careers


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Active Jan 24 at 23:46

1 answers

Posted by Yabrina C.’s Avatar Yabrina C.
June Reed CPA’s Avatar
June Reed CPA | Retired Hi Yabrina, you did not specify what your initial associates degree ...

Is it better to get a GED at an undergrad then transfer?

I want to start planning my future for the better!! :) #school-counseling #school #graduation #career-planning #college...



Nicole Spriggs-Maxie’s Avatar Jennifer Jeffers’s Avatar
Active Feb 20 at 15:17

2 answers

Posted by ALVIN L.’s Avatar ALVIN L.
Nicole Spriggs-Maxie’s Avatar
Nicole Spriggs-Maxie | Consultant, Career Services & Leadership Development Hello Alvin,It is best to complete your GED through a local ...

What are the negative aspects of graduating from university early?

I plan to attend the University of North Texas in the fall. After going over a course plan that I found for my major, social work, I realized that I will not be spending 4 years there. I have accumulated enough AP and dual credit hours to graduate in 3 years if I take 15 hours each semester. My...

#college #university #undergraduate #social-work #graduation


Kim Igleheart’s Avatar Ken Simmons’s Avatar Brendon Larsen, PTA’s Avatar Angela Chan’s Avatar
Active Feb 27 at 08:07

4 answers

Posted by Deana A.’s Avatar Deana A.
Kim Igleheart’s Avatar
Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Well, since everyone else hit on everything else, let me just ...

Is a Graduate Certificate taken seriously?


Chantel Batton-Utley’s Avatar
Active Jun 06 at 22:54

1 answers

Posted by Tiffany B.’s Avatar Tiffany B.
Chantel Batton-Utley’s Avatar
Chantel Batton-Utley | Aspiring Global Career Coach Is it take seriously, yes however it is always necessary, no. ...

How different is real life from college?

Does college prepare you tot take care of yourself in the 'real world'? Are the skills I learn here pertinent to life after and if not what resources can I pursue to help me in life? #college-advice #college #graduation #young-adults #life-skills...



Krista van Kaathoven’s Avatar
Active Jun 10 at 04:59

1 answers

Posted by Samantha B.’s Avatar Samantha B.
Krista van Kaathoven’s Avatar
Krista van Kaathoven | Company Owner at 'Real life' is just a new stage in life. The most ...

Is it common for students to switch majors? Will it affect how long it takes you to graduate?

I am a high school senior and I have no idea what I want to major in or purse. I was just wondering how common it is for a student to switch majors and how much of a set back it is on your education. #college #college-major #education #graduation...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:03

9 answers

Posted by Simran  K.’s Avatar Simran K.
Jenn Hatfield’s Avatar
Jenn Hatfield | Education Research Assistant It's relatively common, though generally people don't switch more than once ...

Would you recommend graduating early in college if you have all the credits?

My fields of study may require lots of graduate school so is there a way to shorten the time I'm working towards a bachelor's? If so, how? And is that recommended? I really appreciate personal experience and guidance. #college #college-advice #higher-education #colleges #college-major...

#college-advising #college-selection #college-admissions #graduation #early-graduation #college-bound


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Active Jun 24 at 22:25

3 answers

Posted by Mireia R.’s Avatar Mireia R.
Ian Colwell’s Avatar
Ian Colwell | Scrum Master @ AT&T Hi Mireia!Deciding when to leave Undergrad (and college as a whole) ...
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