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What are some pros and cons of teaching at a private school versus a public school?

I am interested in personal opinions on the benefits or shortcomings of each potential workplace. #teaching #education #private-school #health-insurance...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:39

3 answers

Posted by Sandra S.’s Avatar Sandra S.
sudheer kota’s Avatar
sudheer kota | -- I would say Government Oversight and Curriculum is primary factor where ...

How do you see the future of health care affecting doctors?

I've been advised my some previous college students that the cost of insurance is too much to pursue a career in medicine #doctor #pediatrics #medicine #healthcare #health-insurance...



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3 answers

Posted by Brett M.’s Avatar Brett M.
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Theresa Boyd, M.D., FCAP | Clinical Pathology /Transfusion Medicine I may be a bit old fashion, but medicine is more ...
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