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How do you see the future of health care affecting doctors?

I've been advised my some previous college students that the cost of insurance is too much to pursue a career in medicine #doctor #pediatrics #medicine #healthcare #health-insurance...



Active Mar 25 at 17:23

3 answers

Posted by Brett M.
Theresa Boyd, M.D., FCAP | Clinical Pathology /Transfusion Medicine I may be a bit old fashion, but medicine is more ...

What are some pros and cons of teaching at a private school versus a public school?

I am interested in personal opinions on the benefits or shortcomings of each potential workplace. #teaching #education #private-school #health-insurance...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:39

3 answers

Posted by Sandra S.
Randi Kretchman | Regional Director at AIG I too considered working at a public versus a private school ...

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