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What scholarships are available for physical therapy students, as well as recent graduates?

Scholarships allow students to feel fulfillment for their academic achievements and hardwork, as well as compensation for the price of education. Physical therapy schools in particular because of the increased need for clinicians need readily available information to make academia affordable....


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How many years of education is recommended for a healthcare manager?

I have chosen to pursue my Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management. I want to be fully prepared and educate myself on all levels of healthcare to be confident in every part of the hospital or other practitioner's office. I look forward to becoming a well-rounded individual in the healthcare...

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what type of doctor should i be?

i want to live in Canada and be a famous figurskater on Canada's Olympic team but i want to have a real career. my planes were ether a pedeatrition or one of the doctors that delivers the baby i dont know what its call. what should i do? #healthcare...


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