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What are the best websites to apply for scholarships?

I have not been able to find scholarships in my highschool guidance office and I am not sure where else to look or which scholarships are actually valid. I’d really appreciate any help because I am going into the Nursing major at Edinboro and I need all the scholarships I can get because my...

#scholarships #college #helping-people


Active Jan 16 at 17:23

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Posted by Erika B.

Going to school for Funeral Services/Mortuary how much would you spend in college expenses?

Applying for scholarships to help me through my 2 years which is all Mortuary takes and on campus living I have no help. #science #scholarships #scholarship #helping-people #mortician #career...



Active Dec 12 '17 at 02:11

1 answers

Posted by Aliza T.
Rebekah Foley | Licensed Funeral Director (Florida) College costs vary widely depending on location. Your profile states that ...

is there a specific age limit you have to be to go to college

hi my name is ryder but i go by cole. i want to be a police officer and i want to know what age i have to be to go to college. #college #career #jobs #college-jobs #police-academy...



Active Nov 26 '17 at 20:29

2 answers

Posted by ryder C.
Natalie Fein, MSeD, NCC, DCC | Nationally Certified Counselor Typically most students go to college after they graduate from high ...

When you deside to be an engineer, where would be the best option to study abroad?

I want to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering and my goal is to use my degree to better help someone other than the United States. I know many colleges offer a study abroad program and require it many times for engineers. Where would be the best place where I can use my mechanical...

#women-in-stem #helping-people #study-abroad #engineering #helping-others #stem-education #mechanical-engineering


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:46

3 answers

Posted by Luz M.
Kelly LaBuff | Product Designer at Hi Luz, Great question! I studied mechanical engineering in college, and ...

Which are the best long term careers that would allow me to travel the globe year-round?

I LOVE people, as a humanitarian at heart. I also have a complete passion for seeing the world and to continue to dive into new and diverse cultures. #people #travel #humanitarian #passion #traveling #helping-people #careers-in-helping-people #meeting-new-people #business-travel...



Active Nov 10 '17 at 12:53

3 answers

Posted by Jamie D.
Marilyn Balke-Lowry | Artist/Owner at Imaginart; Director of College Guidance Consultants, ... Hi Jamie, I was a tour leader for 6 years and ...

What should you study to get into medical school

I want to know what I should study when I take the test #doctor #medicine #medical #healthcare #university #medical-education #general-surgery...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:43

1 answers

Posted by Keaira M.
Ana Felix | Clerkship Director at University of North Carolina at ... If you are referring to the MCAT, there are some books ...

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