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Should I get a job during the school year?

I want the money from having a job, but I'm worried that I couldn't fit one in. I'm taking 3 AP classes and I normally have As and Bs and I'm also part of the cross country and track teams, do you think I could handle adding a part-time in? #job #high-school...


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I like helping people and I love to give advice so I thought about being a high school counselor or something along those lines would be a career path for me. I just don't know what a counselor would major/minor in or the process it takes to become one. Anyone who knows anything would be a huge...

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Is there a point in going to college a year early?

I am currently a high school junior and have the opportunity to attend a college part-time my high school senior year. I am debating whether I should accept or not. It would cost the same for the college classes as if they were dual-credit ($65 per credit). This is a great deal, but am I...

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how do you get into tcu and the nfl?

I want to be a famous quarter back almost as good as Russell Wilson. But what skills to be on the tcu football team and on the seattle seahawks or cowboys? #high-school...


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What are some good extracurriculars to commit to?

I know that I need to start on something from now to spice up my university applications but there are a few problems. First of all, my parents are on a very limited budget so I need to be able to do something that isn't too expensive. Second, sports aren't my thing so the obvious answer is...

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When should I start preparing for college?

I am going into my junior year of high school in the Fall, anxious that I am another year closer to college. I know it is best to start preparing for college as early as possible, but when is early? I don't want too have to suffer later on and struggle to get all of my applications in. Should I...

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Is going to college more of a pressure form society than an actual want to further ones education?

Do you feel that you are going to college simply because it was what you were told to do after high school? Do you feel like you truly want to get a good equation to pursue a certain career or are you just doing what your parents told you to do? Would a small break between high school and...

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What do I need to become a coach at a high school level and what are the benefits?

Hey, I am a Senior at Norman County West Highschool. I am interested in any sort of highschool coaching job. What kind of pay does a coach get at a highschool level? I don’t know a lot about highschool coaching, but I do know some about sports. Does coaching the game bring you closer to...

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