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How can I begin to prepare for my major?

I am studying Kinesiology in college to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist. I know I will begin those specific studies later in college after gen eds, but i want to begin to prep for it. How do i do so? How do i start internships? #hospital-and-health-care...



Active Mar 13 at 22:33

2 answers

Posted by Sydney L.
Caroline A. | Medical Field, Modeling ,Psychology and Marketing/Communication As far as internships you could either go to the school ...

To internship or not to internship?

I'm a junior in high school and have been wondering about internshipping somewhere. For those of you who have, is it really that beneficial? Where did you internship and do you have any other advice? #internships #publichealth-...



Active Jan 29 at 06:08

1 answers

Posted by Emma D.
Caroline A. | Medical Field, Modeling ,Psychology and Marketing/Communication I believe that this is a excellent idea because you will ...

Do you need to have strong emotional discipline to work in a hospital?

I want to work in one but am afraid I will be affected by deaths. #doctor...



Active Jan 19 at 17:09

5 answers

Posted by Taylor I.
Karyn Aldridge MHA CMPE | Medical Practice Executive Hi Taylor, what a great question! Death is never easy to ...

Info/Experience/Opinions on XRay Tech?

I am currently enrolled in college and will soon be joining the nursing program, but I am having second (or third) thoughts. A few months back, I was asking around and wanting to explore different options to choose as my lifelong career but then settled back down with nursing. Now, I am...

#radiology #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare


Active 2 days ago

0 answers

Posted by Taylor C.
Larry Dominie, PT, MSPT | Physical Therapist at BayCare Home Care Hey Drew,Great question! First, if you are focused and have a ...

What is a typical day for a neurosurgeon like?

I want to know more about their shifts and the time they spend at a hospital. Also, how they manage their time to work and rest throughout the day. How long are most neurosurgeries? #neurosurgery #medicine...



Active Apr 12 at 20:14

1 answers

Posted by Samantha M.
Lindsey Manning-Djabbari | Director at Great question Samantha. I'm sorry it hasn't been answered yet! I ...

If I want to become a physician assistant, should I major in biochemistry or biology?

I would like to attend a graduate school with enough experience so that i can become a PA. #medicine #physician-assistant...



Active Apr 03 at 17:31

1 answers

Posted by Jasminne V.
Sandhya Prasad PA-C | Physician Assistant Hi Jasminne! The short answer is either one. It depends on ...

As a woman, is it ever difficult to work in a male-dominated work environment?

Being a health professional is often seen as a job held by men, which could get intimidating. #medicine #health...



Active Mar 29 at 00:04

4 answers

Posted by Jackie S.
Angela Redito Ichinose | Hematology/Oncology Nurse I think in reality it is challenging to work in a ...

When was the moment that you knew you wanted to be in the medical career?

I knew I wanted to be in medicine since I was a sophomore in high school. What about everyone else? Are you still going to, or already have, specialized in the area of medicine you wanted to when you first knew you wanted to be in medicine? #medicine #hospital-and-health-care...



Active Mar 25 at 17:39

1 answers

Posted by Mari B.
Angela Coffman | Nurse at PDI Surgery Center When I first started my journey I wanted to be a ...

What is the best advice you would give a student seeking her radiology degree?

I am currently in the radiology program. It is going well so far, I really like the practice and my grades reflect that. I am curious to know of any outside resources or suggestions relating to the field in general. #radiology #science...



Active Mar 20 at 19:39

3 answers

Posted by nakiiyah S.
Angela Redito Ichinose | Hematology/Oncology Nurse It's great to hear that you're currently in a radiology program. ...

Is the pediatrics a very hard field to get in to?

I love children and I would love to work with them. I just do not know if this would be a hard field emotionally, seeing very ill children. #medicine #pediatrics...



Active Mar 05 at 13:22

2 answers

Posted by Caitlin D.
Elise Brown | Pediatric Physical Therapist There are many healthcare professions that work with children, not just ...

What qualities does a good doctor possess?

As a 3rd year bio-medical science major, I am curious to see why people pick certain doctors over others and the specific characteristics they have that makes them more appealing to a patient. #medicine #healthcare...



Active Dec 05 '17 at 08:58

2 answers

Posted by Haleigh M.
James Garza | Owner, Self-employed at Garza Medical Association hi haleigh, i've been a family physician for 20 years. i've ...

What are some of the different branches of medical science?

I'm interested in medical science but I'm confused about choosing the branch. #doctor #professors...



Active Nov 28 '17 at 11:35

1 answers

Posted by Shravani N.
Ross Greek | Retired Psychologist I suggest you volunteer at a hospital and talk with your ...

Is there any programs to pay off medical school loans?

Becoming a doctor is no easy task. The loans sometimes reach over $100,000 and I would like an easy way to get rid of those loans. I have heard of programs where serving overseas could reduce loans and now I would like to know more about. #doctor #medical...



Active Oct 26 '17 at 21:57

2 answers

Posted by Deepa S.
Angela Coffman | Nurse at PDI Surgery Center There are several online companies that offer to pay a certain ...

What different types of work can a registered RN get that are not in a hospital or doctor's office

I'm going into nursing but my Mom is worried that in 10-15 years I won't be able to stand the required shifts due to my scoliosis. #nursing #medical...



Active Oct 15 '17 at 12:11

1 answers

Posted by Sabrina C.
Angela Coffman | Nurse at PDI Surgery Center You can do home care, work for the public health dept, ...

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