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Do medical students ever get over a weak stomach?

I am passionate about going into the medical field, specifically in the pediatric realm. Every since I was young though, I have had a tough time with blood and needles and don't see a way to get past this to pursue the profession I wish. Is the case for some others when they begin this study,...

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How do you evaluate success on being a nurse practitioner?

Doctors go beyond treating a patient when their love becomes their patients. May not know yet what it is like to be a doctor or a nurse practitioner, but this is why I ask this question. I believe any nurse can do their job. As in prescribing medications, treating any illness, and taking...

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Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) or Physical Therapist (PT)?

I am a high school senior. I am considering either a Physical Therapist Assistant program (2 year) or to go to college (4 year+) to be a Physical Therapist. However, I have two problems. The first: I don't want to work for a Physical Therapist who considers me to be "inferior" or patients who...

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Whats the best way about being a surgeon when you have a family or are planning to have one? Is it better to be a general surgeon or go into specialty?

Im really focused on becoming a vernal surgeon since it is my dream since I was little, and I am personally a family oriented person who would love to have a family of my own someday. But i realized that general surgeons work up to 12 hours daily and have to be available at ALL time when on "on...

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Is becoming a Physician Assistant a wise career choice?

I would like to know this because I am very interested in become a PA but want a little more information about how to become a PA from current Physicians Assistants. I job shadowed a PA this past summer and enjoy what the job entails, but still want more information. #medicine #PA...

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Can a doctor live a fulfilling life as a doctor and as a parent?

I am asking this because out of all the doctors I have met throughout my time, they have said that they are extremely busy and barely go home. I am curious on how doctors manage their career and family life. Since I want to have children, this always gets me thinking at times. #medicine...

#work-life-balance #career-counseling #hospital-and-health-care

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How does one handle unexpected circumstances, such as being short staffed and having to perform a treatment one has not done before?

I am asking this question because of my increasing curiosity in nursing. At my school, we go to the nursing home to practice our CNA skills. I have witnessed the nurses that work there have trouble because of lack of staff. I am just curious as to how one goes about getting the work done...

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