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Do top companies care about what college you came from?

Do students who graduate from elite schools such as Ivy Leagues get higher priority than students who come from moderate schools when applying to top companies like Google and Microsoft?...


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How do I make sure to put my degree to use one I graduate college?

I will be attending Fresno State in the fall, but have been taking community college classes during my senior year in high school. I plan on getting my Bachelor's degree in Busniess Administration: Human Resource Management. However, many of the people I have told my degree to have told me of...


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First job tips please

I am looking for a job after school and need help in deciding...


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What results are better for a teacher, a charter school or public school ?

I would like to work with a group of kids who I can actually impact. I want to know that my work is helping kids be pushed to their full potential in math and that their actually understanding. Im interested in teaching AP Statistics so hopefully at least 90% of my students pass their AP Exam....


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What traits does a hiring manager look for in a graduating student who does not have years of work experience?

I am about to head into my last semester of college and have not yet found an internship. I may have to move after graduating, and was wondering what traits help an applicant/candidate get a job when they do not have the years of work experience behind them. #human-resources...


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Is it easy to change your career path?

Once you're doing a certain job how easy or difficult is it to change that? I'm afraid of making a mistake. Is it common for people to change their career path? Do you have to start over every time you change jobs? If I'm not sure what career to pursue, what do you recommend I do for my major...

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How to answer questions about salary expectations in interview?

In an interview, when asked about salary/wage expectations, what is the best approach in answering this question? Presumably, as an interviewee, it is probably not good for yourself to low ball the answer but as a potential employee, it probably sounds too crazy to expect the highest...

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What are some common mistakes you see job seekers make when interviewing for a role at your company?

I am preparing for interviews for internships so I thought I'd ask what common (or not so common) mistakes young people make when interviewing at your company so that I can avoid making those mistakes when I start interviewing at companies I want to work for! Thank you! #human-resources...

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What's next after the beginning?

Anybody currently in Human Resource? What was your first job in Human Resource after earning your degree? Where are you now and how long did it take you to advance to your current position? #human-resources...


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What is the best way to prepare a resume when you are changing fields and have a new degree?

I just want to know if there is a different way to prepare the resume to highlight the new education and desire to get into that field rather than falling back on your old jobs. I am looking for a career, not just a job. I want to dedicate myself but I need to know how to get recognized and...

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How often is Microsoft Access used in Human Resources or other similar job functions?

A year ago I learned how to use Microsoft Access in my computer software class. I'm wondering how often if at all is it used? If it isn't used what are software programs that we should be focusing on using instead. Are there any specific software programs that are used in Human Resources that...

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What does someone who goes into HR do?

If I decided to go into HR with my degree, what would I do? What do Human Resource people do? #human-resources...

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What job can I do when I am older that involve work in the office and confort the hurt people?

I would like to work in a big company to be a leader. Because I saw many leaders work in a tall building in the TV during I grew up. Even though they just an office clerk at the first time, through their own efforts, accumulate their work experience gradually, they have a broader field of...

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What is the best job for a high school student?

Now I understand that I'm not going to be able to be a CEO in high school, but what job(s) is best for a high schooler entering the work force to get some work experience to put on a resume (Restaurants, fast food, retail, etc.)? #human-resources...


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