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How does this app or website work?


Jasanpreet Kaur Bhatia’s Avatar
Active Jul 20 at 13:56

1 answers

Posted by Layla S.’s Avatar Layla S.
Jasanpreet Kaur Bhatia’s Avatar
Jasanpreet Kaur Bhatia | HR Professional || Advisor || Startup Enthusiastic || ... Hi Layla!This website is a great platform wherein you can ask ...

Best Scholarships for high gpa students?

I am looking for good scholarships....



Active Aug 24 at 13:15

0 answers

Posted by Ivanna P.’s Avatar Ivanna P.

im in the 12 grade and i am just beginning to explore my future career what are some careers and helpful next steps i should consider based on my passions and interests

i dont really know what i want to do and trying to figure it out...



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Active Apr 11 at 11:12

1 answers

Posted by robert H.’s Avatar robert H.
Michael Bracey’s Avatar
Michael Bracey | Vice President, Life Sciences at Treximo Hi Robert,This is an important question, and one that is quite ...

How do you find the right college for you?

I do not know what I'm looking for in a college and do not know how to pick. #idk #college-selection #college-admissions...



NICOLE STROTHER (GLASS)’s Avatar Taylor Hanzlik’s Avatar
Active Mar 23 at 12:11

2 answers

Posted by Jenna M.’s Avatar Jenna M.
NICOLE STROTHER (GLASS) | Associate Counsel at AIG I think it is important to think about some of the ...

When choosing a university to attend, does it affect the chance of getting into medical school or increase/decrease your chance of working in the medical field?

I want to be a doctor and people always question what university I would like to attend but I do not know how to choose one or two. #university #decision #medical-field #doctor #idk...



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Active Mar 22 at 11:42

1 answers

Posted by Paula M.’s Avatar Paula M.
Raven Quinones’s Avatar
Raven Quinones | Tutor at Varsity Tutors Hey Paula!! One thing I want you to remember that is ...
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