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Best resources for developing in Information Security?

Such as resources for learning specific programming/scripting languages (Python, Perl, bash), sites for knowledge in skills like cryptography, pen-testing, pcap analysis, etc....



Active Aug 19 at 12:18

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Posted by Omar H.’s Avatar Omar H.

Information Security Conventions for beginners?

What are some of the best InfoSec cons for people gaining interest in this field?...



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Active Aug 20 at 04:21

1 answers

Posted by Omar H.’s Avatar Omar H.
Joshua Sutfin’s Avatar
Joshua Sutfin | Threat & Vulnerability Engineer - LyondellBasell I would suggest smaller ones to start with. BSides events ( ...

I am interested in Computer Science and Information Security, which one is better to go into?

I have an interest for both CompSci and InfoSec, yet I have this problem: I am interested in both. I am not sure which one to pursue? Can anyone help me answer this? #computer-science...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:01

3 answers

Posted by Ivan D.’s Avatar Ivan D.
Akshat Pradhan’s Avatar
Akshat Pradhan | code, security, and user experience Being in the InfoSec culture, I was trying to figure out ...

What is the best path for a student of information technology or related field that wishes to start a career in Information Security?

I am graduating soon, and want to work in Information Security. What certifications, if any, are required/appropriate? Should I get programming work experience before attempting to move into Information Security? Is there any other advice that you can give that might help me break into the...

#cyber-security #information-security #cybersecurity


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Active Sep 12 at 00:40

4 answers

Posted by Eric B.’s Avatar Eric B.
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Richard Bhuleskar | Senior Software Engineer To go in an Information Security career, the first thing that ...

How do I get more information about becoming a Private Investigator/Detective?

I am a Cyber Security Student with Corporate experience in Information Security. I was wondering if the CIA or NSA are the places to look into? #criminal-justice #information-security #cyber-security #citi...



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Active Sep 02 '17 at 18:09

1 answers

Posted by Gwendolyn F.’s Avatar Gwendolyn F.
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Steve Lewis | Assistant Vice President, Information Security I would also include the FBI. You can also check ...

Would it be wise to take AP Calculus to pursue a career in Information Technology?

Hi, I just became a senior in high school and have plans to pursue a career in IT security. I have a choice to take AP Calculus this year. My other options are Business Math or Statistics. Would Calculus be a helpful course to prepare for an IT career? I know it is not a mandatory course to...

#it-management #information-technology #computer-security #cyber-security #information-security #it-security


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:38

6 answers

Posted by a Z.’s Avatar a Z.
Gail von Huene’s Avatar
Gail von Huene | Senior IT Business Analyst/QA Hi Zachary, I would look at it a different way. Which ...

What can I do to prepare and acquire a cyber security internship?

I'm halfway through my first year in my Cyber Security Master's program and I want to take any necessary steps to obtain the experience that I need to acquire a great job after graduation. I've never had any experience with applying to internships, specifically in cyber security and related...

#cyber-crime #cybersecurity #cybersecurity-workforce-development #cyber #cyber-security #information-security #internships


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Active Jun 29 at 08:58

3 answers

Posted by Armando T.’s Avatar Armando T.
Jim Mcconnell’s Avatar
Jim Mcconnell | Corporate Security Profressional I have been hiring (but not currently) cyber security professionals and ...

how would i go about becoming an ethical hacker


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Active Oct 06 '17 at 13:09

4 answers

Posted by nicholas M.’s Avatar nicholas M.
Jess Elcan’s Avatar
Jess Elcan | Technology Account Manager at Oracle "Ethical" hacking seems a bit tricky to achieve, especially in a ...

How much money will I need to complete my Bachelor Degree in Cyber-Security

I am almost out of .money and I need to know how much more money is it going to take for me to reach my goal #information-security #information-technology-and-services #computer #cybersecurity #computer-and-network-security...



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Active Aug 06 at 17:27

2 answers

Posted by Harry B.’s Avatar Harry B.
Sumaa Faizy’s Avatar
Sumaa Faizy | Senior Associate, Advisory I recommend you narrow down the schools you want to go ...

How should I figure out what job I should do within cybersecurity?

I'm currently a junior in high school and i'm very intrigued by a career in cyber security because i've been told that this is a really good field to get into, but i'm not exactly sure what job options are available to me within cyber security. I'm thinking about marketing.. but I'm not set on...

#marketing #network-security #computer-security #cyber-security #information-security #technology


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:15

7 answers

Posted by Anne S.’s Avatar Anne S.
Richard Gianvecchio’s Avatar
Richard Gianvecchio | Vice President, Norton Support and Services Well, love the enthusiasm with all the questions. Let me try ...
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