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What to major in? International business or political science, or both?

I am curious as to what kinda of career paths I can do. I love traveling so I've thought of consulting, but I am not positive about that. I for sure want to major in International Business, On the other hand I am very interested in Politics so I am not sure what to major in. Is there a job that...

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What are the differences between being an international student and studying abroad?

Several colleges offer studying abroad programs for their students around their Junior year. I've noticed lately that there are colleges that are from a country outside my own that offer an enrollment application for out-of-country students, and I was wondering about how the two could be...

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What are any potential majors that someone can study in college that would set them up to "work for a government organization in international aid or development" or just internationally in general?

I am a senior in high school who wants to study some kind of international study in college. I know that I want to minor in religion but I am not sure what kind of major would be the most beneficial. #international...


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In the career of a international peditrian, what is the day to day life of a professional in this field?

As a child I have had a fond desire in helping children in developing nations either with the huge epidemic with HIV/AIDS or other infectious diseases that run ramped in the adolescent communities of these nations. With wanting to peruse this career, I realized my ideal career path is to be a...

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What careers could I pursue that include traveling to different countries?

I am currently a Sophmore in Highschool. Through my school I am in an internship program that not only gives us opportunities but pushes us the students to figure out what they want to do for the future and how. Personally, finding a career in another nation is something I am very interested...

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Is it better to take a gap year before or after college for an international program?

I am a high school senior interested in international health care. I would love to take a gap year and travel to help in a developing nation. However, I am not sure if such experience is better after gaining more knowledge with my undergrad or now, fresh out of high school. The program is...

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How can I use my acting ability to increase worldly interdependence in terms of exchanging entertainment and culture with other countries?

I have a passion for acting and I wish to help make the world a better place. I am willing to act for films or cultural experiences that allow diplomatic relations with other countries to increase. Increasing dependence an any field, ranging from science and medicine to helping the economies of...

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How should do I get into International consulting?

I am currently a International studies major previous Computer science major. My dream job is being paid to travel the world and consult/fix people's problems. What is the most effective way to achieve this goal, or a similar field of work? By the end of my schooling career; I will have an...

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