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Is it wise to apply for an unpaid internship?

What criteria should I consider when I am applying for an unpaid internship? Indeed, I think the field that the company works on is in line with my expectation. However, it may cost a lot for me as it is unpaid that I would need to cover all the fee by myself like transportation fee and the fee...


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Would getting an internship in a career you don't entirely plan on following beneficial in the long run?

Work experience is very important in getting a job, but when you have very little work experience in the field you want to pursue, would internships in other fields be helpful in different fields? How separate should the difference be between the fields to be considered applicable #internship...

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Is it better to have internship or part time Job ?

I am a high school student in my junior year I am looking for internships,but I am also thinking about getting a part time job. I'm just curious if having an internship is better than having a part time job? #jobs #internship...


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Did you have an internship in high school? For marketing people please.

I'm really interested in working in marketing, and my school said that I should try to get an internship in the summer. But I have plans for camp in the summers and I don't know if I can do an internship. Do I really need an internship? For people who work in marketing, did you have an...

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Since it is too late to find internships, how else can I make my summer more "enriching?"

I never knew that many internships demand applications by early deadlines, so I now realize that it is a bit too late to find any. However, I was wondering if someone could give advice on how to get involved for the last month or two before school starts back. Thanks! #internships #internship...

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What companies similar to Boeing offer High School Student Internships?

I plan to persue a career in Robotics Engineering and I want to apply for an Internship at some places like Google, JPL, or any company that deals with machine learning or robotics. The only problem I face is that I am a high school student and all I find are opportunities for university...

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Should I apply for google winter internship?

I am currently a rising senior at an accredited liberal arts college. I started my computer science major in the past year, which is relatively late compared to many other students. I have been taking online courses and summer courses to catch up because computer science really fascinates me. I...

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What are some ways of finding and landing an internship?

What are some of the ways you were able to find an internship? Is there a specific site that you go to find jobs and internships? and what are some tips on standing out from the rest of the applicants? If you have reviewed applicants before, is a resume with unique fonts and images a good way...

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Are there any programs or internships that would increase my chances of getting into Medical School and help get more hands-on experience in the Nashville area?

I am going to study biology on a pre-med track at Vanderbilt next fall, and I want to do whatever I can to become the best doctor possible. I would love to find some sort of program to put me ahead of the game. #pre-med #internship #vanderbilt #medical #medicine #hospital-and-health-care...

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As a Computer Science Major (or any CS related major) who has no prior work or internship experience, what do you suggest I do to get a programming job or internship?

As the question states, I am a CS major who has little experience and has only done a few side projects that were not too advanced (in web dev and basic networking principles). I am trying to get an internship and I have been sending out resumes and going to career fairs, but most companies...

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What type of internships can you get and what is it that you exactly do when being a psychology major?

I have yet to think about getting an internship while in the process of achieving my B.A in Psychology. I know that an internship is something very good to have under your belt because it shows experience and is highly valuable for applying to jobs. I am skeptical as to what you do as you...

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