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After graduation, how can I use a major in Computer Science and minor in Graphic Design to become an entrepreneur?

My Dad majored in Computer Science, and he gives helpful advice. I know technology is the future, and I consider myself to be a computer junkie. However, I love sketching/painting, creating video games and animations, and designing shoes. I want to combine what makes me happy with technology...


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How to land a good job?

Finding a job is hard in this day and age even with all this newfound technology. What are some websites you swear by?...


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What are some good entry-level jobs without any prior experience as a part-time job?

Right now, I want to work a little to save up money for future expenses (grad school etc.) but I'm not sure what kind of jobs I should go for. Some people suggested working at gyms as customer service or at restaurants at the front desk. What other great choices are there? Thanks!...


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How do you plan an effective move?

So, if I moved to Seattle to find a job and live in a city that I want to live in, how would I do it?...


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What are some tips for finding a career you're passionate about?

I'm a sophomore age-wise, and a junior credit-wise. I'm currently majoring in managerial finance with a minor in entrepreneurship. However, I don't really feel passionate about any of the possible careers associated with my desired degree. Do you all have passion towards your job, or are you...

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What should I bring with me to an interview?

I am a Senior in college right now. I am assuming, I am going to have a few different interviews after I graduate. What are some things I should I physically bring with me as I meet prospective employers? Any advice is appreciated! #interviews...


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How do I prepare for a long-distance interview?

I've recently started the job/internship-searching process. It seems that, as a college student, many interviews you'll have are over the phone or via Skype. Many of us students have others in our dorm/suite, and the door swinging open and college-vernacular being hollered for just a few...

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Why can't I get a job as an undocumented student?

I've been looking for a job for 3 months and have been unsuccessful. I know this is a website for actual careers but I find it a great opportunity to reach out to people who may understand me. I am 16-so of legal age to work but I do not own a SSN. I am bilingual and have experience with public...

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How long did it take until you got your first job during high school? Or did you at all? Is the moment to get a first job during high school or post secondary?

I'm a senior in high school and due to my poor availability times, I haven't been able to get a job since grade 10. I'm still as involved in extra curricular activities since then. I feel a little bit intimidated by the many part time workers in my school. I have yet to get a job and I feel...

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