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Is a career in journalism rewarding?

I am a high school junior and I am still trying to decide on a career choice. I have been researching 📓 ism but I have to say the pay is not very encouraging. One source has beginning salary at $30,000....


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Will it be hard for me to pursue a postgraduate degree which is not related to my major in undergraduate?

Hello! I would like to try out something new when I study for my postgraduate degree. Will it be hard for me to get admitted if I choose to study on a subject which is not related to my current major like Journalism or creative media? If I want to get admitted, is it better for me to prepare...


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Is it wise to change my major after studying for two years at the university?

Hi all! I am a student studying on the field about language. Recently, I have found out that I am not really enjoy on the things that I am studying. Would it be a good option for me to change my major? I feel like more interested on other things like media and photography instead of...


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Is journalism a hard business to get into?

I've wanted to do something with writing for a long time and if it's easier to do it with sports rather than on my own....


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How do I find inspiration to write articles for the student newspaper

I want to sign up for one of the many student newspapers at my future college, but I worry that I won't always be able to come up with an idea for an article in time for deadlines. Should I still sign up? How do I find topics if I don't have inspiration?...


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If I would like to be a journalist with an international focus, should I major in journalism or international relations?

My goal is to work in journalism, however I'm not sure which major would be best. I know that journalism is a competitive major, and an international relations degree offers more versatility, so I would like to study both. My choices are to major in journalism and minor in international...

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How do I decide what I want to minor in?

Going into college, I know I want to study journalism. The problem is that I want to study other things to help in my journalism career like anthropology, economics, politics and much more. Not just a few classes, I want to be able to know all of these topics inside and out. I don’t know what...

#anthropology #politics #journalism

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A.A in Journalism, B.A in Comm?

Hello, I am currently completing my general education classes in city college and I was planning to take additional classes to complete the Communications program as well, however, I've always had an interest for writing. My ultimate career goal is to work in editing. I have done my research...

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How do you stay passionate about journalism at challenging times?

I want to be a journalist and one of the many questions I have about that particular career is how do you stay passionate about being a journalist when things are difficult/challenging. I'm curious about this because I know journalism can be very demanding and it has it's ups and downs as well...

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How do I get into sports journalism?

Obviously I'd have to go into an English-focused stream, but I was wondering if there is a stream specifically for sports? Or do opportunities (hopefully) open up later in my post-secondary career? #journalism #english...


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Is it a good idea to get a journalism degree if you're not so sure you want to be a journalist?

My college has a great journalism major, but I'm not sure yet if I want to stick with journalism as my career path. I know I want to do something writing-related, but that could include newspapers, magazines, scripts, blogging, publishing, editing, even copyediting is something I'm interested...

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How do you navigate a broad career field?

I want to go into the field of Journalism. I love writing, reading, social media, news, etc. The issue is that there's so many different mediums you can pursue and because I'm so curious and multi-interested, I want to dabble in many things. My question would be is it smarter and more stable to...

#media #journalism #writing

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What are the different types of careers in Journalism?

I'm in the eleventh grade, and I want to study Journalism. I already know I want to be a Broadcast Journalist. I would also like to know some other jobs there are with in the Journalism community. #journalism...


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Are there different types of advertisers?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School and I'm very interested in the topic of advertising, under the overall umbrella of marketing. As I continue to think about the right college for me, the decision is highly based upon the choice of study. I've thought about my natural skills with...

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