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What does it take to get "a foot in the door" with the federal government?

For someone pursuing both a criminal justice degree as well as a philosophy degree with an interest in law enforcement, I want to know what one would need to do to get a good starting platform for a position as a special agent in any one of the many federal investigative agencies....


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Can you have tattoos and still become an FBI Agent?

My career goal is to become an FBI Agent, but I'm not sure if I can be in the FBI if I have tattoos. Will I just have to cover them up, or am I not allowed to have them all, or is it no big deal as long as they are appropriate? #career...


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homicide detective

How long do you work? What kind of degree would you recommend the most for this kind of job? What kind of physical training do you need? How many years of collage? #law-enforcement...


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What are different law enforcement agencies positions on hiring someone who has illegally downloaded?

What are different law enforcement agencies positions on hiring someone who has illegally downloaded? If someone downloaded less than 150 songs and 2 movies when they were 13 would that disqualify them from any position in law enforcement in the future? #criminal-justice...


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Is it possible to be a police officer before you finish college? Is it something I could do while taking classes in forensics, just to get experience? What are the best colleges for forensic science or psychology? Or even criminology?

I am currently looking into a career relating to forensics and criminology. I am not sure exactly what I want to do yet, but would love to explore options. #law-enforcement...


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Is it practical to want to be a CSI?

I grew up watching crime shows including different CSI shows. I also understand that a CSI isn't exactly like on tv but I don't want to just be a forensic science technician. I want to be able to do field work. #law-enforcement...


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