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Is it a good idea to pursue an executive program?

I'm currently an undergraduate student, but I would still like to know the benefits of pursuing an executive program. Is it worth the money? and just what kind of an impact does it have on your career? #learning...


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How to get into an IV league school for your Masters?

I plan on pursuing my masters in the future because I want to expand my knowledge and further my education. However, how should I prepare and get started now before I start applying for one? I'm currently a Marketing undergraduate student, and I'm not planning on pursuing my Masters anytime...

#masters #learning

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What's the best way / place to learn about new programming technologies?

It seems like everyday there are new apps and things coming out. It makes it hard to decide what to learn. What's the best places to find out what I should look into more if I want to become a programmer? I heard I can ask questions about getting into video gaming, and I like that, but I don't...

#programming #tech #learning

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What is the day to day routine of a technical engineer?

I was wondering this, because I am a junior in my high school and i also like hands-on activities where i move a lot. (if not I get easily bored.) i also like to learn everyday. I was asking how is a day in the life of a technical engineer. what exactly do you do? what are some difficulties...

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What are the most helpful and authentic online resources you would recommend a college student to start learning about FOREX trading?

Trading is a very complex network, whether it be stock or FOREX markets. And it takes a person a specific amount of time to become really good at trading. Therefore, I want to start learning and educating myself about investing in FOREX markets. #forex #trade #investment #learning #economics...


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Is spending 8 years learning really worth becoming a doctor?

Right now, I'm a sophomore in high school and very often people ask me who I want to be after college. My response had usually been a doctor, but after doing some research about the job, I understand that becoming an actual doctor is a very rocky step. I feel like a lot of time is needed, as...

#doctor #student-loans #expenses #medical-school #learning #debt

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Does taking a minor in college make you look better to future employers?

I am currently a junior in high school and have recently decided to major in Economics in college, I have heard a lot about minors, but I still want to learn more about them. For example, do you get degree for taking a minor? Do you have a lot more classes if you take a minor? But most...

#interests #jobs #degree #resume #college-major #courses #college-minor #learning

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How to start learning about a career path?

I finished my BA in Psychology and I'm interested in counseling, yet I don't have any experience or know anyone in the field. How do I get started learning about it? Or for that matter any career path I'm interested in? #career #career-path #careers #career-choice #learning #start #psychology...

#counseling #psychology-education

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