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What are good undergraduate majors for a person wanting to pursue a Masters of Library Science (MLS) and become a librarian?

I am a student who is interested in becoming a librarian and plan to pursue my Masters of Library Science (MLS, MLIS, etc.) after undergraduate school. However, I need to get my Bachelor's degree first! I am curious as to what sorts of majors librarians would recommend that help them with their...



Active Jan 31 at 22:15

2 answers

Posted by Cierra A.
bridget navoda | Senior Product Development Manager Hi Cierra: There isn't a definitive answer to this....that's for sure! ...

What is the most interesting part of your job as a librarian? The most stressful?

i've gotten to see it from the outside, but i would really like to have time to sit down with a librarian and see how their day is like. Every job has pros and cons. What's YOUR pro and YOUR con to your job?...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:29

1 answers

Posted by Carol M.
Wael Al-Rihawi | Mechanical Engineer I Automotive I can't answer your question; however, this is a video of ...

What college is the best recommended both economically and education wise for a creative writer who wishes to become a librarian?

I want to study library science, but am currently unsure where to go looking for that...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:29

1 answers

Posted by Carol M.
bridget navoda | Senior Product Development Manager Hi Carol: Of course, University of Texas, Austin! My alma mater, ...

What steps would I have to take in order to become a librarian?

Hi! I am a high school senior, who is interested in potentially becoming a librarian. I'm not sure what I would have to do to become one....



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:06

2 answers

Posted by Jazzmin P.
Tina Miller | Market Accounting Manager at Marsh & McLennan Companies, ... HI Jazzmin! Most librarians who lead either mid-size to large institutions, ...

If I want to work at a library, what are my best options so that I have a better chance at getting the job?

I really want to work at a library, but don't know how to be considered a top candidate for hiring. #librarian #library...



Active Apr 04 at 19:32

4 answers

Posted by Janice P.
C T | Library Aide Hi Janice, I was just curious on what experiences do you ...

How do hiring managers in libraries view online Master's of Library Science degrees (MLS, MLIS, etc.)?

I want to become a librarian, but the only way I could get my MLS (Masters of Library Science) degree is to go to school online. I want to know if libraries, especially public libraries, look down on this type of degree or if it is considered appropriate in the field, and how likely it is that...

#librarian #public-library #library-manager


Active Sep 30 '17 at 15:40

8 answers

Posted by Cierra A.
kent carrico | Librarian at Benedictine University Taking a master's degree online for library an information science is ...

What does the day of a librarian look like?

I have wanted to be a librarian as a kid, but I am not really interested in being one anymore. I am just curious on what they work on and what it takes to be one. #reading #librarian #bookkeeping...



Active Jan 31 at 22:10

3 answers

Posted by Carlos R.
Stephanie Adams | Electronic Resources Librarian/Assistant Professor at Tennessee Technological University Hi Carlos, Librarians are employed in so many different types of ...

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