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I'm trying to figure out what I career I should chase based on my talents, but I'm not too sure. What would you recommend?

I'm a 17 year old junior in high school, since I was young I've acceled at arguments and helping other through hard times. I enjoy being like a big brother to younger kids, helping others when they don't understand, and being a person people can talk to about anything. I've been told to either...



Active Mar 22 at 20:33

1 answers

Posted by Johnathan L.
Débora Prado | Psychologist & Career Coach You seems to be a person that care about others. That's ...

How do you know if a certain career path is for you?

I’ve been thinking about career paths that I think would fit me, but in reality I really don’t know how to even go about choosing what would fit my personality well. #lost #help...



Active Jan 18 at 18:12

0 answers

Posted by Zephaniah H.

Should I join a fraternity ?

I'm not sure what it's about or even what frats do #freshman #lost #college #fraternity...



Active Sep 23 '17 at 20:46

1 answers

Posted by Abraham R.
Herman Liu | Clinical Trial Management Associate Hi Abraham, If you have the time and money, joining a ...

What are the things you can do with a public health major?

Are there any jobs that you can obtain after 4 years of undergraduate of public health, or will I have to go to school for a longer time. #publichealth #collegelife #college #degree...



Active May 23 at 05:49

1 answers

Posted by Joanne L.
Ria Jagasia | Academic Consultant at AIC Education Public health is a great field to be in! Right out ...

Where do I start so that I can end up with my dream job?

I want to become a Radiologist. I really want that job, it's a cool part of the medical field and it's challenging and after all radiology is pretty cool! The thing is I have no idea what colleges I should go to if i eventually want to go into med school? If a school has no pre med program or...

#help #lost #radiologist #howdoistart #getmetoaschool #whatschool #wheredoigo #freakingout


Active Apr 13 at 14:18

1 answers

Posted by Argelia M.
Gwendolyn Quintana | Policy Analyst at Texas Medical Association I suggest 1. Ask to volunteer or shadow a radiologist to ...

Is it possible to get a degree in exercise science, and not specialize in something yet still get a good paying job?

I know I want an exercise science degree, but i'm not sure what I want to use it for. Since it is so generic and broad, can I get a bachelors degree in it, and get a good job without specializing? #sports-medicine #medicine #college #career #lost #hospital #physicaltherapy #workout...

#desire #job #technology


Active Mar 15 at 00:51

2 answers

Posted by Hailey O.
Nathan Booth | Career Development Professional at University of Alberta Career ... Something to think about when you are considering jobs available through ...

How can I get better assistance in pursing my career?

I often tend to get distracted, my memory fails me at random times and I forget deadlines and programs that I should be applying to. Got any tips? Any people or specific questions I should be asking. I am a clean slate. #lost #oops #medicine #deadlines #questions #helpmeplease #helpme...

#wheredoistart #idontknowwhattodo


Active Apr 16 at 17:14

3 answers

Posted by Argelia M.
Jasanpreet Kaur Bhatia | HR Generalist || Startup Enthusiastic || Writer You can get better assistance in pursing your career through planning. ...

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