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Should I take classes that are irrelevant to my major?

I am asking this question because I recently looked at some classes I would have to take in order to major in my intended major and that are different for each school. So I am wondering if I should go to a school that offers my major but I have to take unrelated classes in return....


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How do I know if my major of choice is right for me?

Right now I'm somewhat torn between majors. Depending on what school I attend I will choose a different major. Illinois Tech is my number one school right now, and seems to be the school I will most likely attend, and I'll be studying architecture. The field has always interested me and I've...

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In which country are mechanical engineers in demand and paid heavily?

I am a Mechanical Engineering major student. I will be graduating and will obtain my Bachelor's Degree two years from now so I needed to understand very well the job market, opportunities and future for such a field to be able to trace and plan my career successfully starting off now. #career...


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How difficult is it to go through the college courses for becoming an engineer?

My major is going to be in mechanical engineering. I am nervous to go to college for this because I am afraid of how difficult it will be. I wonder if I am cut out for this type of major and I don't want to start something that I cannot finish. So I want to know what I am up against for...

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What can I do with an English major?

I want to be an english major, however I do not want to be a teacher of an sorts. Is there any way I can do this? #college...


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What are the best majors for the future?

I really want to know what majors that won't get old and good for the future, I don't want to study something that wouldn't help me in the future of the UAE #college...


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How exactly are scholarship monies put towards tuition and can they be limited to certain careers even it is a major or minor?

I wanted to understand that once scholarship monies are granted, the discretion of spending is now at the students disposal. However a fellow classmate was unable to scholarship money towards their major in business. How can I avoid the same problem. #major...


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Which majors in the universities in Canada are the most famous?

I've heard that every university has its most famous and the best major. For example, medicine is the best major in McGill University. So I wander which majors are the best in those better universities in Canada. #university...


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What does it take make it to the mlb ?

I like baseball b/c I like the way its play and i grew up playing it, Baseball is one of the most favorite sports I like so I will never give up and try as hard as I can in school and out. How much hard work do you need to have enough confidence? #college...


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marine biology

what do i major in if i want to study marine biology? #biology #major...


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