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Is it better or more valued to receive a degree with a minor or concentration?

I will be receiving my degree in Psychology with no minor nor concentration. I am wondering if I made a wise decision by doing so? I have noticed that a majority of my friends have graduated with either a minor or concentration and I never really understood what that meant. Could it just be...

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With my growing interest in counselling, and psychology being a broad major, in what area I should focus my attention when choosing a related minor?

I have grown an immense interest in this major as I have always been a very reserved and quiet person, sort of a people watcher from time to time and its something that I feel I would excel at. I have every intention of finishing with a doctorate and applying my knowledge to my career path and...

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How exactly does minoring in a field work?

I don't really know a lot about minoring in a field. I just know that it's not your major and it may be like your backup plan or extra skills you may need. Do you take classes for it, just like with a major? Does every college allow you to double-minor or is it just some? #colleges...

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What degree is required to work in the Center for Disease Control's Office of Health and Safety (OHS)?

I will be entering college in the Fall. I plan on majoring in Biology on a pre-veterinary medicine track. However, I am also interested in one day working for the CDC in their OHS; this is a public health area. Would a Biology degree be sufficient enough to work at the CDC or would I need to...

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What would the benefits be if I minored in a foreign language (Spanish for example)? My ideal major is undecided, but I want to better my understanding of the Spanish language (I am currently in a Spanish Class). Would minoring in Spanish be the way to

In today's world it's very helpful, if not essential, to known another language. I want to better myself and be able to interact with more people by expanding my knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. I am unsure if minoring in Spanish would be the best way to help me learn the...

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Do colleges allow you to create your own major or minor if they do not offer the one you want?

I am thinking about minoring in statistics but that minor is not listed on my college's website. Do some colleges allow students to create their own minor using classes that the school offers? Does it vary depending on the college? #college #college-major...


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Does my major and minor have to relate?

I am majoring in computer science but the minor that I have now is in Asian American Studies. I see that a lot of people tend to minor in something that is relatable to the major such as an astronomy minor, math minor, or physics minor. Is it that important to minor in something that can relate...

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is having a minor in college really necessary?

I am asking this because when I started my first year of college I was not planning on having a minor. I have asked a handful of people if it is really necessary and I always get different answers, so now I bring my question to this website for the professionals. My advisor at school is pushing...

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Ever since i was little I've enjoyed anything related to the medical field. I'm planning on majoring in biology, if i minor in psychology will that be too confusing?

I enjoy all things in the medical field but at the same time psychology has stuck to me. However, my teacher told me that is too different areas and i might confuse myself. #psychology #medical #majors #majors-and-minors...


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College? Minors, Majors, and coursework?

I know I may be a little young (ninth grader here) to be asking such a question, but I am curious as to how college really "works". I would love to attend a specific college and I'm going to make sure my grades are good for it, but I wouldn't know what to do after graduating and going off to...

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Can my major be completely different from my intended minor?

I am currently a sophomore in a community college. This fall, I will be transferring to a four year university with a Junior standing. I am going to declare my major as Accounting. However, I have had an interest in teaching since I was young. I would like to minor in Teaching English as a...

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What is the best major and minor to have if you want to go to graduate school for Occupational therapy.

I am asking because I plan to go to school for Occupational therapy but I have no idea what I should major in and you must obtain a bachelor's degree before you can apply for an occupational therapy program. #college #majors #counselor #college-minor #occupational-therapy #majors-and-minors...

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Is it better to pair a double major in kinesiology and athletic training with a minor in psychology or a minor in recreational therapy if I ultimately want to become a pediatric physical therapist?

I will be majoring in kinesiology as a pre-physical therapy student, but I am also majoring in athletic training so that I can meet the requirements for an athletic training certificate. My goal is to become a pediatric physical therapist and work with kids fighting potentially terminal...

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How should I decide if I want to double major, and how should I choose a minor?

Hello everyone! I've heard a lot about major/minor programs, especially as some of my older friends are entering college. The problem is, I'm not really sure what these programs mean. For instance, I've heard a lot about double major (I know someone who doubled in statistics and something...

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What should I second major/minor in that will be helpful for a marketing major?

I need to choose 2 minors that will compliment my marketing major. The ones I am leaning towards to is either finance, psychology or statistics. Which one should I choose? My other option is to do a second major but marketing is really the only career I see myself in. #marketing...

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As someone who plans on majoring in music performance in college, what should I minor or double major in?

I am well aware of the fact that its going to be a struggle once I get into the world as a musician, so I am exploring other options to do in addition to music performance. Ideally, I would like to do something that is somehow connected to music, like audio engineering etc, but I wanted to see...

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Is psychology useful?

Since I hope to become a pediatric intensivist after graduating from med school, I already know that However, I am very interested in psychology and was wondering if it would help me in my field? In addition, if it is indeed useful, then should I get a major or minor in it because my GPA...

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