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How would I actually know what type of career I want to do or that will fit with me as an individual?

I am asking this because I find it challenging to figure out what careers would fit me. Although, I have an idea on what studies I want to do...but they are not similar because they are on different parts of the spectrum of careers, starting from business management to clinical psychology to...

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What steps steps should an environmental engineer take to be able to improve environmental problems as much as possible?

As an aspiring environmental engineer who cares greatly about the earth and conservation, I would like to know the most suitable path I should take in the college and work force to make the greatest difference as I can. #business #engineering #management #environmental...


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How can I advance in the healthcare setting?

I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management. I'd like to learn more about how far I can get in this field. Once my bachelors degree has been earned, I would enjoy furthering my career by continuing my education with a Masters Degree. #healthcare #education #management...


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I was told that in the business management field it's hard to make a career out of it unless you obtain your masters degree. My question to you all is 1. Is that true? and 2. Is business management a field that is hard to make into a career?

I've come to this site to get my questions answered by professionals to clarify all the things told to me by family members and other resources about getting a degree in this field. Although their advice is nice I just wanted to clarify this with professionals to see if I'd have to consider a...

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What to do??

I am trying to decide between studying environmental science and athletic management. What are some pros and cons to each field that you might be able to tell me about. I'm hoping to be introduced to ideas I haven't thought about. #science #management #environmental-science #athletics...


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I am very confuse what I have to choose for my Ms degree(change my field or no) ?because many times I have heard that software engineering field is a cruel field!I have done my bachelor degree and have experience of simple web development using phpMysql.

My goal is to become the best and master in what I may choose and having my own business or company. #management #design #software-development...


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What courses are advised that would make my career as a sales management person successful?

Hi, I am a senior in high school and I am not sure of what I want to doin the future but I am looking into the sales management as a possibility. So, I was wondering if I chose this career what courses in college should I take. #management #communications #communication #organization...


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what would it be like to manage a musician and what kind of things are artist managers involved in?

I'm a junior looking into colleges and majors that have to do with artist management. I love music and going to concerts has always been one of my favorite things to do. I would like to learn more about what someone who manages an artist would be doing. I've heard that most managers are in...

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I will most likely be entering the hospitality/management field soon. What top tier organizations require such services?

I am almost finished with high school. With college applications due next month and the end of my senior year a quarter done, I am desperate for insight on this major I intend to undertake #business #management #hospitality #relations...


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Would going to a school that has a reputation of being a party school distract me from my studies?

I went on a trip to look for colleges and fell in love with the campus at UCSB, but I'm worried that if I go there, I will get distracted from my studies, as it is known to be a party school. What are the pros and cons of going to a school like this? Would it be better to go somewhere that...

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