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What is the best character trait employers are looking for in new employees?

I want to know what character traits employers find most important in the work place today. Maybe there is a particular trait to hone in on or be more conscientious of. #management #leadership #employers...



Morgan Bardon’s Avatar Jeremy Jessup’s Avatar Dave Ramanauskas, Agile Consultant, CSM, CSP’s Avatar Jason Powers’s Avatar +6
Active Mar 16 at 15:47

10 answers

Posted by Shawn G.’s Avatar Shawn G.
Morgan Bardon’s Avatar
Morgan Bardon | Experienced Business Analyst, Six Sigma Champion, and Project ... Totally agree with Jeremy's comments, and that's not just for those ...

I have a Business Degree and wondering if I should get my Master's in Business as well?

Just want to know what is the benefits and disadvantages in getting a master degree in the same field that I have my bachelor degree in. I have a bachelor degree with a focus in management. #business #technology...



Jaron Hightower-Mills’s Avatar Rachel Fusaro, MBA’s Avatar ShaRon Bynum’s Avatar
Active Dec 01 '17 at 08:53

3 answers

Posted by Kedric G.’s Avatar Kedric G.
Jaron Hightower-Mills’s Avatar
Jaron Hightower-Mills | Higher Education Administration and International Education Specialist Dear Kedric, Going for a master's in the same field can ...

Are Entrepreneurship Degrees or certificates helpful for a student who is trying to get a job in the business sector?

I have a two Business Management degrees but also though about attain a certificate in Entrepreneurship. #business #management #marketing #human-resources...



Stephanie Murnen’s Avatar Col Sen MP, Ph.D’s Avatar
Active Nov 11 '17 at 23:13

2 answers

Posted by Naphtali  B.’s Avatar Naphtali B.
Stephanie Murnen’s Avatar
Stephanie Murnen | Sr. Manager, Surgical Gloves Marketing at Cardinal Health In short, yes. Entrepreneurs get great experience in all areas of ...

How to sell a product?

How and when should you decide if a product will sell in the market? #business #management #marketing...



Ben Landis’s Avatar Stephanie Murnen’s Avatar David Pelan’s Avatar Nurit Praeger’s Avatar
Active Mar 01 at 07:54

4 answers

Posted by Abdulwahab A.’s Avatar Abdulwahab A.
Ben Landis’s Avatar
Ben Landis | Content Marketing Intern at As some one who is currently studying economics and advertising, I ...

Is human resources as bad as everyone says it is?

I am studying for a bachelor's in human resources and accounting. I love accounting, and am curious if that will be enough to make my future career enjoyable. #management #accounting #human...



Ayanna Jackson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP’s Avatar Donald Wood MBA / MEd’s Avatar Shana Kapustin’s Avatar
Active Jul 04 at 19:58

3 answers

Posted by Renee L.’s Avatar Renee L.
Ayanna Jackson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP’s Avatar
Ayanna Jackson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | Senior Human Resources Professional HR is a great field to go into. You get to ...

Which skills do I need to work in management

I'm thinking about having a career in management, specially in the communication industry. I enjoy looking the big picture, organizing work, and looking for people rather than looking. My aim is to have the opportunity to work in a big company like Verizon, AT&T. Frankly I'm pretty shy...

#communications #management #project-management #verizon


Allison Reppe’s Avatar Kari Homan’s Avatar Hannah Williams’s Avatar
Active Feb 22 at 23:22

3 answers

Posted by Igor A.’s Avatar Igor A.
Allison Reppe’s Avatar
Allison Reppe | Senior Associate at PwC Hi Igor, I have met many different managers during my career ...

Would going to a school that has a reputation of being a party school distract me from my studies?

I went on a trip to look for colleges and fell in love with the campus at UCSB, but I'm worried that if I go there, I will get distracted from my studies, as it is known to be a party school. What are the pros and cons of going to a school like this? Would it be better to go somewhere that...

#college #school #management #education #party-school


Elizabeth Coccia’s Avatar Shawn Addison’s Avatar Sean Devlin’s Avatar Brianne Gilstrom’s Avatar +2
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:03

6 answers

Posted by Sage K.’s Avatar Sage K.
Elizabeth Coccia’s Avatar
Elizabeth Coccia | Higher Education Professional - M.Ed Whether or not you party in school is entirely up to ...
Daniela Silva’s Avatar
Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hi, What Jobs Can I Apply For With a Master's Degree ...

What practice for college student ,whose major is hotel manegement ?

I am senior In high school , interesting in hotel management . But very confuse what job about this major and how much money can I get in the beginning . #professor #management #hospitality...



Daniela Silva’s Avatar Quinn Casey’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:09

2 answers

Posted by Ruina H.’s Avatar Ruina H.
Daniela Silva’s Avatar
Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hi Ruina, Here it is some tips: Develop Your Skills: Because ...

Going into a business or a nonprofit, What kind of mindset must one have to push the organization or company forward as an employee?

As an inspired anthropologist, I learn on how to think above and beyond. It is important to not only be part of a non-profit or company but as a member, seek to improve it. I am asking this question to understand how to go about on improving a company's position as a new employee. #business...

#anthropology #non-profit #management #entrepreneurship


Christophe Carrouget’s Avatar Jeremy Nast’s Avatar Elise Schuster’s Avatar
Active Oct 02 '17 at 10:33

3 answers

Posted by Joshua C.’s Avatar Joshua C.
Christophe Carrouget’s Avatar
Christophe Carrouget | Intake Mnager EMEA Hi There To me the most important should be to be ...

What are tips on how to find a entertainment industry internship?


Judeanne Armenti’s Avatar
Active Jun 18 at 15:18

1 answers

Posted by Sara Lily H.’s Avatar Sara Lily H.
Judeanne Armenti’s Avatar
Judeanne Armenti | Over 20 years of creative and outgoing music ... Since you hashtagged venues, it could be as easy as going ...

What are some recommended colleges with strong Construction/ Project Management majors?

I am a 10th grader in Boston, and I work construction over the summers and on the weekends. I have interest in becoming a project manager, I just do not know what colleges are known for this specific major. #management #construction #project #labor...



Jeremy Howell’s Avatar Zach R. Becker’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:14

2 answers

Posted by Denis H.’s Avatar Denis H.
Jeremy Howell’s Avatar
Jeremy Howell | Contact Center Systems Analyst/ Verint Professional Denis, I did some research for you on this topic. Construction ...

How To Be A Leader as A Programmer

As someone who is a natural born leader and likes to be in a position where I can mentor/lead I would like to have a leadership at in my future career. But I understands that right out of college I will be more of a worker than a leader to gain experience so that I can be a great leader in the...

#computer-science #management #tech #programmer #leadership


Anshul Dhawan’s Avatar Hina Sakazaki’s Avatar Gareth Rees’s Avatar Jacquelyn Poticny’s Avatar
Active Apr 06 at 03:41

4 answers

Posted by Adrian A.’s Avatar Adrian A.
Anshul Dhawan’s Avatar
Anshul Dhawan | Lead Product Manager - Machine Learning | Analytics ... Adding to what Hina said, this is very accurate "you can ...

What is a good career involving rules or leadership if I want to have definite hours?

Right now, I go to school and do work, and then I come home and do *more* work, and I don't want my career to be like that. I like making fair rules and leading others, so I want a career that involves those things. I'm a good rule follower and enforcer. I'm interested in technology and...

#mathematics #management #law-practice #law


Desiree Ochoa’s Avatar Camille Edwards Bennehoff’s Avatar Eric Gruetzner’s Avatar Matthew Morton’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:54

4 answers

Posted by Kahlila M.’s Avatar Kahlila M.
Desiree Ochoa’s Avatar
Desiree Ochoa | Strasburger & Price, LLP Agree with the comments above. Attorneys work irregular hours overall but ...

Is business management a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

#business-management #management #college-major #business


Ken Simmons’s Avatar
Active Jun 20 at 15:16

1 answers

Posted by Alexandra C.’s Avatar Alexandra C.
Ken Simmons’s Avatar
Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential This really depends on you and how the area of business ...

Does a college degree guarantee success?

Is college degree the equivalent of success? I know it is not, but how? #college #business #management...



James Baker’s Avatar Alyssa Streller’s Avatar Rhonda Melo’s Avatar Rahul B’s Avatar
Active Apr 12 at 21:03

4 answers

Posted by Abdulwahab A.’s Avatar Abdulwahab A.
James Baker’s Avatar
James Baker | Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn A college degree does not guarantee anything, other than showing others ...

What is the hardest thing about being a manager?

I would really like to be a manager or CEO one day. What is the hardest part about managing a team? What do you like best about it? Thank you! #technology #management #leadership...



Jason Williams’s Avatar Leahanne Thomas’s Avatar Rachel Chace’s Avatar Jeff Anderson’s Avatar +4
Active yesterday

8 answers

Posted by Ali G.’s Avatar Ali G.
Jason Williams’s Avatar
Jason Williams | Director Human Resources at ESPN The hardest part of managing a team is TIME. You want ...

What abilities or personal qualities do you believe contribute most to success in this field/job?

generally what would be the best qualities that regardless all employers look for #computer-software #management #programming...



Peter Van Dyck’s Avatar Johann Picos Whitehouse’s Avatar Christophe Carrouget’s Avatar Sherry Dietz’s Avatar +7
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:42

11 answers

Posted by Abbas E.’s Avatar Abbas E.
Peter Van Dyck’s Avatar
Peter Van Dyck | Country Opportunity Manager - Dell Belgium (Global Proposals ... Be willing to learn all the time, even when it's outside ...

Does STEM extend to Logistics/Supply chain management?

I am interested in the the design and management of work-flow. #management #logistics...



Grace Miller’s Avatar Rachel Chace’s Avatar Lindsay Smith’s Avatar
Active Apr 03 at 14:34

3 answers

Posted by Kelly M.’s Avatar Kelly M.
Grace Miller’s Avatar
Grace Miller Hello, Kelly. STEM does absolutely extend to Logistics and Supply Chain. ...

What does the average day of an Engineering Manager consist of?

I am a junior in high school, and I am looking to pursue a Master's Degree in Engineering Management. Before I commit, I am looking to form a clear picture of the daily duties and responsibilities of Engineering Managers. To any engineering manager specifically, or even any engineer in...

#engineering #management #project-management #engineering-management


David Johnson’s Avatar Rachel Chace’s Avatar Stephen Fodroczi’s Avatar Richard Pichette’s Avatar
Active Apr 03 at 14:39

4 answers

Posted by Dylan G.’s Avatar Dylan G.
David Johnson’s Avatar
David Johnson | Sr. Manager - IT Network Hi Dylan. The primary role of any manager is resource management. ...

Is it true that balancing wisdom and knowledge really contributes to a strong character?

I read an article on Forbes called "Why Most People Will Never Achieve The American Dream" and the writer mentioned that many leaders "don't balance knowledge (the head) and wisdom (the heart)." And it's not just what you know it's what you DO with what you know. #business #management...

#public-relations #entrepreneurship


Daniela Silva’s Avatar Troy Golba’s Avatar Brandi Eckles’s Avatar
Active Oct 04 '17 at 22:09

3 answers

Posted by Liana S.’s Avatar Liana S.
Daniela Silva’s Avatar
Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hi Liana, Wisdom and knowledge are linked. Wisdom is enhanced by ...

Would it be more benificial to earn a minor in communications rather than a minor in computer science

I'm a Business Management major and have aspirations of becoming a CEO on day. With technology becoming a growing trend in today's society, would communications or computer science be a more beneficial minor for a possible CEO of a technology/technological sales company #future #ceo #technology...

#communications #management #business #scholarship


Taylor Hanzlik’s Avatar Allen Hillery’s Avatar
Active Mar 23 at 10:10

2 answers

Posted by William C.’s Avatar William C.
Taylor Hanzlik’s Avatar
Taylor Hanzlik | Risk Assurance Associate at PwC Hi William, I'd have to agree with Allen on your question. ...

How do I become an MNC manager, or an army officer?


Tiffany McKeaney, MA’s Avatar
Active Feb 26 at 07:59

1 answers

Posted by HEMANTH H.’s Avatar HEMANTH H.
Tiffany McKeaney, MA’s Avatar
Tiffany McKeaney, MA | Assistant Director of Veteran Services Becoming an Army officer has a couple paths you can choose. ...

Time Management in Work?

How important Time Management in Work. How to Complete the Work withing the Given Time Period when the Work is overloaded? How to Manage #teaching #professor #education #management #educator...



Lori DeFrias’s Avatar Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar
Active Mar 16 at 07:34

2 answers

Posted by Charulatha S.’s Avatar Charulatha S.
Lori DeFrias’s Avatar
Lori DeFrias | Sr. Business Analyst - Strategic Channels Support and ... Time management is key to be successful in any business. In ...

What difficulties do you face in opening a firm after graduating?

I'm currently a civil engineering major and a little torn over if I really want to do this, architectural engineering, or simply become an architect. But I do know that I want to open up an architectural firm of my own. So until I decide what I really do want to do with my degree, what...

#firm #management #business #civil-engineering #engineering #architect


Myron Steele’s Avatar erind ndoj’s Avatar Gordon Hopkins’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:29

3 answers

Posted by Ummiya C.’s Avatar Ummiya C.
Myron Steele’s Avatar
Myron Steele | Civil Engineer First and foremost go to work for a firm that is ...

What courses are advised that would make my career as a sales management person successful?

Hi, I am a senior in high school and I am not sure of what I want to doin the future but I am looking into the sales management as a possibility. So, I was wondering if I chose this career what courses in college should I take. #management #communications #communication #organization...



Jaleel Mackey’s Avatar Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar Bob  Crow’s Avatar Murali Krishna’s Avatar +8
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:06

12 answers

Posted by Sasha B.’s Avatar Sasha B.
Jaleel Mackey’s Avatar
Jaleel Mackey | Educator Engagement Specialist at CareerVillage Hi, Sasha! Great question and these are all great answer. I ...

How much time should it take during an interview for you to come up with a senerio when a recruiter ask you to tell them about a time when you experienced something?

Some times my mind goes blank during interviews and I can't think of anything from the pressure of trying to think fast #business #finance #management #ceos #managers #supervisors...



Kim Igleheart’s Avatar John Noble’s Avatar Dawnyale Oliver’s Avatar Greg Parker’s Avatar +1
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:55

5 answers

Posted by Shaquanna W.’s Avatar Shaquanna W.
Kim Igleheart’s Avatar
Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist twenty seconds. You really need to spend some time thinking in ...

What steps steps should an environmental engineer take to be able to improve environmental problems as much as possible?

As an aspiring environmental engineer who cares greatly about the earth and conservation, I would like to know the most suitable path I should take in the college and work force to make the greatest difference as I can. #business #engineering #management #environmental...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:43

1 answers

Posted by Jasmin R.’s Avatar Jasmin R.
DAVID WEBER | ATKINS get a job, you can not solve the world's issues as ...

What type of things are the on GMAT test?

Give some examples? What are the best ways to study the topics? Break down the test into segments and explain each using own experiences. #business #management #graduate-school #testing #mba #executive-office...



Stephanie Murnen’s Avatar Manish Kumar’s Avatar
Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:54

2 answers

Posted by Bridget S.’s Avatar Bridget S.
Stephanie Murnen’s Avatar
Stephanie Murnen | Sr. Manager, Surgical Gloves Marketing at Cardinal Health Hi! There are 41 reading comprehension and critical ...
Drew Peake, PE, DEE, DFE, CIH, CSP’s Avatar
Drew Peake, PE, DEE, DFE, CIH, CSP | Forensic Engineer: Health, Safety, Environment If you want to be an engineer, go to engineering school ...
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