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I want to be something in the athletic field and im having a hard time figuring out so can you give me sone ideas

I'm about to graduate and I really need help!!!! #management #sports #sports-management #athletic-training #athletics...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:08

3 answers

Posted by Student A.’s Avatar Student A.
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Max Cohen | Certified Athletic Trainer and EMT, former PT student ... Hello there! As an athletic trainer, I can tell you that ...

I will most likely be entering the hospitality/management field soon. What top tier organizations require such services?

I am almost finished with high school. With college applications due next month and the end of my senior year a quarter done, I am desperate for insight on this major I intend to undertake #business #management #hospitality #relations...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:04

3 answers

Posted by Deric N.’s Avatar Deric N.
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Kelly Daigle | 3 Princes Consulting Hi Deric, So glad to hear of your interest in joining ...

what would it be like to manage a musician and what kind of things are artist managers involved in?

I'm a junior looking into colleges and majors that have to do with artist management. I love music and going to concerts has always been one of my favorite things to do. I would like to learn more about what someone who manages an artist would be doing. I've heard that most managers are in...

#singer #management #music #artist-management #producer


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:04

2 answers

Posted by Erika C.’s Avatar Erika C.
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Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez | Stuntwoman/Producer/Actor/Musician at Film & TV Industry Management covers a lot of many aspects of the artists' careers. ...

How would you describe the life of a baker?

I want to be a baker I want to know what my daily routine would be like #management #entrepreneurship #startups #baking #chefs #baker...



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Active Sep 11 at 13:56

2 answers

Posted by Shakeith B.’s Avatar Shakeith B.
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Angela Wade | Administrative Assistant I worked in a pastry shop at a major casino here ...

What majors are good for me to take if I want to be a fashion buyer?

I am currently researching job outlooks on purchasing managers in my Money Management class. I know that the major of Fashion Merchandising is helpful for this career, but I was wondering what other careers are helpful as well. As a senior in high school, I am hoping to major in Advertising and...

#major #management #marketing #fashion #college #buyer


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1 answers

Posted by Katie C.’s Avatar Katie C.
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Jeff Anderson | Program Manager at UPS You may want to consider majoring in "Supply Chain". Most items ...

How do you become a buisness man?

Just in general how do you become a business man? where do you get the money to start your business? Where do you find a job that has to do with what you like to do? #management #entrepreneurship #manager #buisness #field-work...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:05

2 answers

Posted by Cristian  M.’s Avatar Cristian M.
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Brian Leach, PMP | Founder and CEO, Steelray Software Becoming a businessman (or businesswoman) is easy. All you have to ...

How long does it take for a sports management major to get a job out of college?

I am a High school senior who is interested in the major of sports management but i am curious of what the job prospects are right out of college. #management #sports #sports-management #coaching...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:06

3 answers

Posted by Gianni G.’s Avatar Gianni G.
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Cicily Smith | Communications Student/ Office Professional What are you looking to major in? Is this a sports ...

How can one find an appropriate business mentor?

I am a high school student working on creating a start-up with my other partners. For the past 6 months or so, we have been working on documents and plan necessary to advance to the next stage of planning. However, we are beginning entrepreneurs and have more to learn on our journey to becoming...

#management #business #career #marketing #entrepreneurship #technology


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Active Feb 27 at 08:08

7 answers

Posted by Timothy O.’s Avatar Timothy O.
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Jane Ellis | EMEA Talent Acquisition Program Manager Hi Timothy, If you are looking for local mentoring and support ...

What's a good way to ask for a Medical Assisting externship?

I'm a Medical Assisting student at an institute in my area. I'll be going on externship in about 2-3 months and I don't know how to go about looking for an externship and a job to support myself through school at the same time. #medical #management #students #hiring #organization #assistants...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:39

1 answers

Posted by Nyima T.’s Avatar Nyima T.
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Caroline Velasquez | Medical Field, Modeling ,Psychology and Marketing/Communication I just looked up all doctor offices in my area that ...
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Simon Robson | Retired Engineering Manager with limited consultation I was a piping designer for many years and still enjoy ...

Time Management in Work?

How important Time Management in Work. How to Complete the Work withing the Given Time Period when the Work is overloaded? How to Manage #teaching #professor #education #management #educator...



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Active Aug 14 at 20:12

3 answers

Posted by Charulatha S.’s Avatar Charulatha S.
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Lori DeFrias | Sr. Business Analyst - Strategic Channels Support and ... Time management is key to be successful in any business. In ...

What to do??

I am trying to decide between studying environmental science and athletic management. What are some pros and cons to each field that you might be able to tell me about. I'm hoping to be introduced to ideas I haven't thought about. #science #management #environmental-science #athletics...



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Active Aug 14 at 22:40

3 answers

Posted by Jacob R.’s Avatar Jacob R.
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Anwar Khan | Project Program Management Sr. Advisor at Dell I can relate to the dilemma you are in and I ...

What are some of the best jobs to look for in the hospitality/travel/tourism field in terms of salary and potential for growth?

Interested in the hospitality/travel/tourism field #business #management #travel #hospitality #tourism...



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Active Aug 25 '17 at 09:59

3 answers

Posted by Courtney J.’s Avatar Courtney J.
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Garry Abbs | Uplifting Service Culture thru People with "Spirituality in ... I started as a bus person making gratuities and love it, ...

What difficulties do you face in opening a firm after graduating?

I'm currently a civil engineering major and a little torn over if I really want to do this, architectural engineering, or simply become an architect. But I do know that I want to open up an architectural firm of my own. So until I decide what I really do want to do with my degree, what...

#firm #management #business #civil-engineering #engineering #architect


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:29

3 answers

Posted by Ummiya C.’s Avatar Ummiya C.
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Myron Steele | Civil Engineer First and foremost go to work for a firm that is ...

It is often thought that business growth and environmental growth cannot go hand in hand. However, this is not true, it is just a topic that has been little explored yet. What background would I need to pursue in college to encourage this?

I believe that industry has a whole has the power and minds to start the clean revolution. Creating products that not only don't hurt, but are beneficial to the environment is not easy, and requires a lot of different perspectives. If I want to grow up and start businesses that not only don't...

#management #finance #social #environment #spanish #busines #non-profit


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3 answers

Posted by Julia A.’s Avatar Julia A.
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Drew Mena Great question and so glad to know you're concerned about these ...

What are the qualities that one needs to change the world?

Is the best strategy to bombard them with kindness? Or is it more of an "ends justify the means" situation? What can I do to encourage people and help them believe that they, too, are capable of change? #psychology #education #management #leadership #social #women...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:29

5 answers

Posted by Julia A.’s Avatar Julia A.
Professor SIR Lloyd Christopher Stanton’s Avatar
Professor SIR Lloyd Christopher Stanton | Board of Directors Inter/Govern Relations Human Services Chair. ... What are the qualities that one needs to change the world? ...

I was told that in the business management field it's hard to make a career out of it unless you obtain your masters degree. My question to you all is 1. Is that true? and 2. Is business management a field that is hard to make into a career?

I've come to this site to get my questions answered by professionals to clarify all the things told to me by family members and other resources about getting a degree in this field. Although their advice is nice I just wanted to clarify this with professionals to see if I'd have to consider a...

#major #management #business #degree #career #college


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Active Mar 23 at 09:59

2 answers

Posted by jordan R.’s Avatar jordan R.
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Taylor Hanzlik | Risk Assurance Associate at PwC Hi Jordan, thanks for submitting a question. I graduated from Ohio ...

I want to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts. What is the average salary of a Culinary Arts Graduate for a first year entry level position?

I really would like to own my own restaurant one day, but I know I need experience. So I am more than willing to start off working for someone else and maybe even a well known high end restaurant. #engineering #management #music #chef #culinary #food #catering...



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Active Oct 01 '17 at 13:03

3 answers

Posted by Aram M.’s Avatar Aram M.
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Mark Davis | Princpal Catalog Expert at SAP Ariba Hi Aram-- Are you familiar with It's a website that ...

What are the major rewards aside from extrinsic rewards such as money, fringe benefits, travel, etc.?

some perks besides the general ones #computer #management #leadership #project-management...



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Active Aug 17 '17 at 23:23

7 answers

Posted by Abbas E.’s Avatar Abbas E.
Claire Shields’s Avatar
Claire Shields | Services & Operations Hi Abbas. There are numerous benefits beyond the basics you mention. ...

What are the typical entry-level job titles and functions? What entry-level jobs are best for learning as much as possible?

common jobs that no experience people can apply too #computer-software #management #computer-games #personal-development...



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Active Jul 27 at 09:21

2 answers

Posted by Abbas E.’s Avatar Abbas E.
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Mark Montz | Wireless Network Architect, HLR - Jasper Wireless You have a difficult question to answer, since in many cases ...

What are some good questions to ask the interviewer to get a better understanding of the company you work for

to prepare yourself for the interview and look more prepared #computer-software #computer #management #university #accounting #marketing-and-advertising...



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Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:47

8 answers

Posted by Abbas E.’s Avatar Abbas E.
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John Curry | Regional Sales Manager at Steelcase I believe asking the interviewer about their journey and understanding why ...

What steps steps should an environmental engineer take to be able to improve environmental problems as much as possible?

As an aspiring environmental engineer who cares greatly about the earth and conservation, I would like to know the most suitable path I should take in the college and work force to make the greatest difference as I can. #business #engineering #management #environmental...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:43

1 answers

Posted by Jasmin R.’s Avatar Jasmin R.
DAVID WEBER | ATKINS get a job, you can not solve the world's issues as ...

Would a degree in Agricultural Buisness Management apply to management jobs outside of Agriculture?

I wish to work within the agricultural community, but if that falls through during some portion of my life, I would like to know if I have other job options outside of the agricultural community for business management (with an agricultural business management degree). Would it be more...

#business-management #management #agriculture #environmental-services #business


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Active Oct 23 '17 at 19:58

3 answers

Posted by Exelee B.’s Avatar Exelee B.
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Corina Fermin | Client Success Manager at Concur I faced a similar choice when I was 16. I received ...

What classes are the best classes to take in college if i want to own my own dance school?

I am a dancer and I've been dancing since age 4. I love dance and i love children. I feel that dancing is a positive way of expression. I live in Far Rockaway, Queens and not a lot of people have lots of money to pay for professional dance classes for there children so they don't introduce it...

#ballet #management #finance #business #dance #dance-education #entrepreneurship


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2 answers

Posted by Shamya L.’s Avatar Shamya L.
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Ryan Paredez | Community Manager at Microsoft Look into business management and entrepreneur classes. Assuming it will be ...

Would it be more benificial to earn a minor in communications rather than a minor in computer science

I'm a Business Management major and have aspirations of becoming a CEO on day. With technology becoming a growing trend in today's society, would communications or computer science be a more beneficial minor for a possible CEO of a technology/technological sales company #future #ceo #technology...

#communications #management #business #scholarship


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Active Mar 23 at 10:10

2 answers

Posted by William C.’s Avatar William C.
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Taylor Hanzlik | Risk Assurance Associate at PwC Hi William, I'd have to agree with Allen on your question. ...

How to take advantage of networking? Is it a disadvantage to be an introvert?

As a student I always hear that we need to build up a "nice network", but how can I address my efforts to really take benefit from it? #engineering #management #mechanical-engineering #electrical-engineering...



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Active Aug 21 at 13:55

5 answers

Posted by Tharles D.’s Avatar Tharles D.
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Brian Cunkelman | Engineer and Manufacturing business leader I have found that networking comes in various forms - physical ...

How is best to make your resume stand out when applying for a job or internship? Should your skills or education go on top.

I am Junior in Queens College majoring in Psychology with a minor in Honor Business and Liberal Arts. #career #management #career-counseling #marketing #career-choice...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:51

5 answers

Posted by Rachel B.’s Avatar Rachel B.
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Jason A. Wu | University Programs Coordinator | Google | Contracted by ... Hi Rachel, I currently work in University Recruiting, and previously in ...

What type of qualifications do I need to become an administrative assistant or manager?

I have basic certifications for Microsoft Office and am attending college for a degree in Information Systems Technology, but I wonder what all I can do with that degree in terms of network management and administration. #management #information-technology #administration #project-management...

#microsoft-office #network-administration


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5 answers

Posted by Brandon H.’s Avatar Brandon H.
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Jessica Baeten | Strategic Manager During college, I signed up with a temp agency during my ...

how can i set my career placement

I am currently attending UMA as a Healthcare Management and I am looking for career choices so I will be better prepare when I get my degree. #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare-management #management #career-counseling...



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1 answers

Posted by BETTIE R.’s Avatar BETTIE R.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Getting to know yourself and how your personality traits relate to ...

How do I manage time effectively?

I am a junior in high school and one skill that i need to grasp is time management. I am a person who is always hyperactive but I also get distracted a lot and I want to know what it takes to manage my time more effectively. I ask this because I still need to learn how to finish my schoolwork...

#time-management #management #higher-education #extracurriculars #students #personal-development


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5 answers

Posted by Jamie L.’s Avatar Jamie L.
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Jared Chung | Founder at To become a time management super hero, you will need a ...
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