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What country/countries have study abroad programs that are great for Math majors?

It is very difficult to determine what country to study abroad in that will relate to my major. Are there any countries that come to mind when you think "Math major?" #college #career #mathematics #math #college-bound...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:38

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Posted by Shakuan F.’s Avatar Shakuan F.
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Kate Wallace | Manager of Corporate and Foundation Giving Hi Shakuan, If you study abroad in a country where you're ...

List some colleges/universities with a great STEM program aside from the more-popular options, such as Ivy League schools, Georgia Tech, etc?

Many institutions that are cheaper yet offer the same, or better, education to students don't get as much recognition in the press. Can someone provide a list of colleges with great STEM and/or Math programs that are often "underrated?" #college #mathematics #colleges #stem...

#women-in-stem #college-selection


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:34

2 answers

Posted by Shakuan F.’s Avatar Shakuan F.
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Brandi Olden | Senior Quality Assurance Asociate at Prudential Financial Good luck on your college search! There are different ...

How do you apply mathematics in the veterinary field?

I'll be majoring in Biology when I start college this fall, and I'm a little leery of the math requirements. Math has never been my best subject (I always need additional help and forget the steps to certain things without constant practice). I was wondering what type of math is actually...

#veterinary #career-counseling #college #hospital-and-health-care #mathematics #personal-development #career-details


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Active Sep 26 '17 at 07:51

2 answers

Posted by Sierra D.’s Avatar Sierra D.
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Rehana Dharani, CPC | Healthcare Recruiter Completing pre-requisite mathematics courses will prepare you for many of the ...

What abilities that I need to prepare and practice when I have just graduated from high school to be excel at topology in the future?

I have dreamed to become a mathematician and the main topic which I have intended to pursue is topology, although I have just finished high school. Recently, I have doubt about my ability to do abstract math or something like combinatorics which I heard from someone said this was appropriate...

#major #career #higher-education #college #mathematics #math


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Posted by Quang N.’s Avatar Quang N.
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Christine Pollock | Higher Education Professional hThe 50 Best Mathematics Programs in the World Today | The ...

What colleges have a good STEM program?

college applications coming out soon and i want an idea of where to apply #engineering #science #mathematics #women-in-stem...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:42

3 answers

Posted by stephany D.’s Avatar stephany D.
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moises Gonzalez | Engineering Manager There are a number of ways to find information regarding good ...

How much of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics are used in environmental engineering (each)? Is the field generally enjoyable for someone with a love of physics and math? Do environmental engineers spend much of their time at their work outside?

As a devoted environmentalist and vegetarian, I believe improving the environment is absolutely my purpose in math. As I have a passion for physics and mathematics (particularly calculus), engineering seems to be my best fit for my science expertise. However, I am undecided on whether simply...

#science #environmental #engineering #undecided #mathematics #mechanical-engineering #physics #math


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Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:48

2 answers

Posted by Rebecca S.’s Avatar Rebecca S.
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David Dolch | Senior Manager - Engineering To obtain your degree you will need math, hydraulixs, soil mechanics, ...

I'm really not sure if a stem career is right for me, I love math and science and absolutely adore the thought of getting paid to do what i love! Is there a way for me to know i want to make sure this is what i want how can i be sure?

I have an ap calculus class and it's giving me trouble i thought i loved math but this has me pulling my hair out! anyway how can i teach this is i cannot do it myself, or am i thinking too far ahead? should i give it time does it get easier should i just push through and hope for brighter...

#ukraine #mathematics #chemistry #physics #chemical-engineering


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:44

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Posted by Lisamarie G.’s Avatar Lisamarie G.
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Firas Jaser | Operations Communications Manager Hi, It is great to hear that you like STEM subjects! ...

As a teacher, do you have to get certified in different areas of subjects? Or do you have to major/minor in them?

I want to become a middle school biology teacher but I would also like to teach Spanish, Georgia Studies, and math #teaching #biology #mathematics #history #spanish...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:44

4 answers

Posted by Maria A.’s Avatar Maria A.
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Stephanie Hamilton | Educational Consulting Hello, First, take a look at the various majors available when ...

What is the typical day in the life of a bioinformatician?

I am heavily interested in the field of bioinformatics. #biology #mathematics #biotechnology #biochemistry...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:44

1 answers

Posted by Christopher S.’s Avatar Christopher S.
pankaj karmakar’s Avatar
pankaj karmakar | Attended Bangalore University Bioinformatics or computational biology is the use of information technology in ...

How can I get job experience related to STEM in high school?

I want to be more secure in what field to pursue. #engineering #science #technology #mathematics #environmental-science...



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Active Jun 20 at 07:49

4 answers

Posted by Lydia H.’s Avatar Lydia H.
Chelsea MacCormack’s Avatar
Chelsea MacCormack | Volunteer Coordinator at Casey Trees Volunteer! Volunteering is a great way to work with organizations that ...

What are some other jobs that you can get with a STEM degree of any kind?

12 grade student interested in college choices #engineering #science #college-major #technology #mathematics...



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Active Nov 10 '17 at 12:57

2 answers

Posted by Katrina S.’s Avatar Katrina S.
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Bryant Gomer | Education Manager at Hi Katrina, That's great you are looking into different colleges! Well ...

Should I spend less time and money in college but graduate with a less desirable degree for my intended career?

Hi! My name's Keegan and I'm currently an undergraduate student in the honors program at Tulane University. After seeing and realizing the financial burden of my first semester here on both my family and my future self, I started thinking about changing my previous plan of a 3+2 year dual...

#graduate-recruitment #automotive #graduate-school #mathematics-education #mathematics #mechanical-engineering #physics


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2 answers

Posted by Keegan M.’s Avatar Keegan M.
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Nick Goodwin | Engineering Program Manager Hi Keegan, I agree with sam, if you're interested in the ...

How much of math knowledge do you need to have in order to major in Biology?

I like science, such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology, but math is not my strong quality. #biology #mathematics #math #chemistry...



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2 answers

Posted by Renata D.’s Avatar Renata D.
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David J. Peterson | Writer, Education Consultant As a certified math teacher for 15 years, I have studied ...

what sort of careers can I pursue with a maths degree?

I love math, especially calculus and algebra, but there's not exactly a job where I can just solve equations all day, so what could I do with an advanced mathematics degree besides being a teacher or professor? #mathematics #statistics #applied-mathematics #mathematician #calculus #algebra...



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2 answers

Posted by madison J.’s Avatar madison J.
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Bethany Topham | AP Math Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator Have you heard of being an Actuary? Is it one of ...

Should I talk about my failures when being interviewed for a job?

I read an article about how a recruiter who interviews students got an answer of "I expect failure" from one of the students. Then they went and wrote an article on how this answer was amazing. Should I do the same and state some failures like struggles in class or should I keep that to myself....

#science #interviews #failure #interview-questions #job-application #mathematics #technology


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Active Sep 26 at 14:18

21 answers

Posted by Deanicia D.’s Avatar Deanicia D.
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John Bolton | General Manager Retail You don't have any "failures" You have learning opportunities. You learn ...

When asked the question, "Why do you want this job" what's the best way to respond?

When I apply, this is the most common question, however, I do not really know what they expect in an answer. #science #technology #mathematics #interviews #interview-questions...



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19 answers

Posted by Deanicia D.’s Avatar Deanicia D.
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Carl Pihl | Sr. Technical Account Manager at Dell I used to interview quite a bit to maintain a large ...

Should I major in theoretical mathematics or applied mathematics in undergraduate?

I've taken both theoretical and applied math courses, but I was wondering what the different prospects in terms of career paths there are from one versus the other? #career #career-path #mathematics #undergraduate #applied-mathematics...



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Active Dec 01 '17 at 17:02

2 answers

Posted by Hashir A.’s Avatar Hashir A.
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Hans Ziqiu Li | Research and Development at Accenture Technology Labs If you plan to go into industry after you graduate, applied ...

What subjects are best for an accountant?

I would like to study to be an accountant and in school we must choose 2 extra subjects to study for our future career. I would like to know which are the best 2 subjects for a great carrer . #business #computer #accounting #mathematics #business-development #it...



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Active Dec 02 '17 at 13:05

3 answers

Posted by Maia V.’s Avatar Maia V.
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Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, Great question, I am not in Accounting but my sister ...

Would it be advisable to receive an electrical engineering major and get certified in teaching?

I would like to major in electrical engineering and get certified to teach advanced high school math or physics. Is that too many credits to complete in 4 years? I was also considering double majoring in electrical engineering and mathematics. In addition, I wanted to get certified in...

#teaching #engineering #double-major #electrical-engineering #mathematics


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Active Nov 16 '17 at 08:43

2 answers

Posted by Mirudula M.’s Avatar Mirudula M.
Todd Stahlnecker’s Avatar
Todd Stahlnecker | Electrical Engineer at Mirudula, I'm no expert when it comes to college load, what's ...

What is the process of qualifying to teach subjects based on the Praxis Exam?

I was told by a fellow student that if I took the Praxis Exam in an area unrelated to my major, which is History Education, that I could be qualified in that area also. I am asking this because I was wondering if I could take the math portion of the test as well. If I then passed the math...

#exam #testing #education-policy #mathematics #education #teacher #math #praxis


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0 answers

Posted by WESTRY T.’s Avatar WESTRY T.

How can you use a B.A in Math to enter the software world?

For example, I'm curious about how I could use a BA in Math to work at a company like Google. #math #mathematics #applied-mathematics #computational-mathematics #mathematical-modeling #workingforgoogle...



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1 answers

Posted by Jessica A.’s Avatar Jessica A.
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Daniel Moy | Google Software Engineer I'm not sure if we hire many pure mathematicians (I could ...

Best colleges for math majors?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

#mathematics #choosing-a-college #college-majors #math #college-major


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1 answers

Posted by Alexandra C.’s Avatar Alexandra C.
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Ria Jagasia | Academic Consultant at AIC Education I love using Niche to get ranking information of colleges based ...

Which all subjects are required to find a job in the field of marketing? And is there any job in the commerce field which does not require math?

I'm new to this website, but I hope I can expect an answer soon :) My question is: In future, i want a job that does not require math, and im studying in the commerce field so i cannot do anything based on science. I find math really hard and I think it would be better off without math in 11th....

#business #marketing-and-advertising #marketing #mathematics #accounting #math


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5 answers

Posted by Selma S.’s Avatar Selma S.
Douglas Lemmo, P.E.’s Avatar
Douglas Lemmo, P.E. | Consultant, Owner at Power Generation Consulting Services Hi, Never mind a job for a second, your everyday life ...

Is it possible to get a BA in music, with a minor in math or physics, and then apply to a graduate program in acoustics?

I am curious because I have been researching the career acoustical engineering, and want to know more about different possibilities to pursue that field. #tags #acoustics #engineering #college #career #mathematics...



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1 answers

Posted by Elly R.’s Avatar Elly R.
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William Crean | Product Manager Yes! Undergraduate work is about basic skills + learning skills + ...

Do you have to be a 'math person' or a 'science person' to be successful in STEM?

I understand that most anyone can major most anything if they work hard and are persistent. However, it is clear that some of my peers are much quicker with learning concepts within STEM than I am, or it feels like their minds are just wired to do mental math or calculate or work through...

#success #skills #science #stem #choosing-a-major #mathematics


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2 answers

Posted by Christina C.’s Avatar Christina C.
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Kris Nan | SAT tutor and High School COunselor STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. So, even if you ...

where do the student in the masters program for mathematics go to, like a typical classroom or meeting conference room for one on one teaching?

i noticed in the mathematics masters program at my University (UW), all the masters​ levels classes, there are only like 5 students​, sometimes 2 students. where do they go to have a lecture​s with the professor? do they just meet up with the proffsor ​at his office or in a regular big room...

#classrooms #professional #mathematics #mathdepartment #class #math


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1 answers

Posted by jeffrey K.’s Avatar jeffrey K.
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Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Jeffrey,Although you may not have seen them yet, the university probably ...

when is the best time to take chartered Account exam? (its after 2nd PUC or after completion of degree)

i am studying 2nd PUC, interested in doing Chartered Account, i wanted to know when is the best time to do CA so i can finish my study fast or it is compulsory to have degree, or PUC is enough to take chartered account exam #business #accounting #mathematics #economics #accountant #statistics...



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2 answers

Posted by harshitha N.’s Avatar harshitha N.
Sathyanarayanan Ragothaman’s Avatar
Sathyanarayanan Ragothaman | Senior Analyst at Dell, Performance Analytics Group You have to start with the CPT exam. After passing CPT, ...

What kind of career is good for someone that favors math and english subjects and is very detail oriented?

I'm asking this question to enter the $2,500 Scholarship. #finance #career-choice #mathematics #english...



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Active Oct 27 '17 at 17:47

3 answers

Posted by Christy K.’s Avatar Christy K.
Brian Downey’s Avatar
Brian Downey | Underwriter at Fannie Mae Hi Christy: I think this opens up several career opportunities for ...

What is it like to be an electrical engineer?

With college right around the corner, I would like to know what it really is like to do this job. I'm trying to decide if this is the career I really would like to pursue. I know some about electricity already and I like the way it all goes in patterns. But I would just like to know if this is...

#mathematics #engineering #physics #electrical-engineering #stem


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3 answers

Posted by Samuel M.’s Avatar Samuel M.
Rachel Chace’s Avatar
Rachel Chace | AmeriCorps Urban Education Fellow, TutorCorps You will need to focus on stress and time management. In ...

Biomedical vs Mathematics Major for acceptance into Med School or Veterinary Med School?

I am pursing and educational path to either become an MD Surgeon in Neurology or I might choose MDV in Veterinary Medicine. Either way, I will eventually be applying to Med School or Veterinary Med School. Which of the above Majors is better suited and weighted more heavily for acceptance?...

#physician #biology #psychology #medical #pre-med #mathematics #surgery #physics


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1 answers

Posted by Hailey T.’s Avatar Hailey T.
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Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D. | Industrial-Organizational Psychology & HR Consulting A mathematics curriculum generally does not include the coursework required for ...
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