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Would it be better to get a job with the federal government or a corporation such as Boeing or Lockheed Martin?

I have heard that getting jobs with the government can be difficult unless you have people on the inside to help you out. So, I'm asking if avoiding the hassle and going to a corporation would be just as good (if not better). #engineering #science #technology #mechanical-engineering #math...

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What are the most challenging things in trying to engineer new products or technologies?

I am a freshman in high school; thus, I have a little while to think about my possible career paths. I have always wanted to go into the medical field until recently, when engineering caught my eye. I always see companies coming up with the newest technologies that can do extraordinary things...

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How do I get make myself a competitive candidate for mechanical engineering in MIT?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am wondering what I need to do to help me gain an advantage getting into MIT. I am pulled to MIT because it is the top engineering school in the US and I am very passionate about mechanical engineering. Ever since I was little, I was rigorously...

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Introverts in Engineering?

I'm curious about whether which engineering majors require more presenting and talking to large groups in both college/university and the real world. I just heard that mechanical has a lot of presenting ideas and would like to know about the other engineering majors. #engineering...

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What types of fields do Mechanical Engineers work in?

I have heard that Mechanical Engineering is one of the largest engineering fields. I know that there are a ton of opportunities in the mechanical engineering field, but I would like to know more about the different possibilities in the field. #mechanical-engineering...


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What are advantages and disadvantages of aeronautical and mechanical engineering??

I am studying in 12th at present and very soon i need to decide which case of study should i take in engineering i am very much interested about aeronautics but all people are saying taking aeronautics at engineering gives you less opportunities there after so they were asking me to take...

#mechanics #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering #aeronautics #aeronautical-engineering #engineering #mechanical #mechanical-engineering

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Standing out in the Mechanical Engineering field?

I've been introduced to a lot of mechanical engineers and none of them have done anything real spectacular like owning a business or something of that sort, they've all just worked for good companies. What should I look towards in order to be a boss in a big company or just make a lot of money...

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I would love to be successful in mechanics, can I get guidance?

[This question was translated from Portugese into English by a site admin with the help of Google Translate] Translated question: I have a technical course in mechanics, bad work as a salesman, because of the outsourcing of labor in the sector, I can be successful without having a degree in...

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How did you decide what type of engineering was right for you?

I am a senior in high school and I think that I want to major in engineering but I'm not sure what type. Right now I am leaning more towards civil engineering, but I am just unsure what I can do to see what type of engineering is right for me. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...

#industrial-engineering #civil-engineering

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When looking into careers in Engineering, how should I determine what exact kind of engineering I want to study? Such as civil, chemical, and/or mechanical?

I am very intrigued with achieving a major in engineering, but I am not sure in what exact expertise I am interested in and would like to hear multiple perspectives on this matter. #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #electrical-engineering #industrial-engineering #women...


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