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For a chemistry undergraduate major what non academic courses helped to make a difference?

Academic classes teach us basics, but there are non academic classes that allow you to be creative and help further your education. I would like to know what non academic classes would go along with a chemistry degree that will both help me as an individual and as an intellectual....

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Posted by Erica C.’s Avatar Erica C.
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Aftab Ursani | Flight EngineerB747 at Japan Airlines Here is a list of courses that will help you in ...

If I want to research medicine, should I major or minor in Chemistry, and what should I also study?

My plan has always been to major in Chemistry during college, but I wonder, if I want to create new vaccines and antibiotics, should I major in Chemistry or would another major be better? And say I do major in Chemistry, what should my minor be? Or vice versa? #medicine #research...



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Posted by Madelyn L.’s Avatar Madelyn L.
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Alice Liou | Scientist in Biotech Developing drugs -- whether its small molecule, biologics, vaccines, or antibiotics ...

Is it a good idea to take all 8 year of college for your doctorates degree then get a job, or take the first 4 or 5 years and get a bachelors of masters then get a job?

I was told by someone that if you get a doctorates straight off the back, not many places will accept you, but if you go for your bachelors or you masters, then you'll most likely get a job faster. #pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #medicinal-chemistry...



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Posted by Michael C.’s Avatar Michael C.
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Olaolu. O. Oladejo, Ms., MBA, PharmD | Pharmacist unfortunately, there is not a particular answer that will sufficient because ...

What is a day in the life of a pharmaceutical chemist like?

Having a family and having personal time is important to me, but so is having a successful career. How much time would I put into this job each week? Is overtime involved? Would I have time for a family? #pharmaceuticals #chemicals #pharmaceutical-industry...



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Posted by Kaitlyn W.’s Avatar Kaitlyn W.
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Kenneth Dcosta | Asso at Dell 1.What are your core responsibilities/main objectives of your current role? My ...

Is a phD necessary in order to become a pharmaceutical chemist? What is the best education path in order to get the most of out this career?

I want to be a pharmaceutical chemist, but have heard that there are many different education paths you could take to get there. I am wondering what the smartest path would be, as this could help narrow my college search. #medicine #chemistry #pharmaceuticals #pharmaceutical-industry...



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Posted by Kaitlyn W.’s Avatar Kaitlyn W.
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Farukh Naqvi | Supply Chain Management | Business Analyst | Manufacturing ... Yes unfortunately PHd is required to be Pharmaceutical Chemist to find ...

What the difference between medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry?

I want to study chemistry and like the idea of medicine, but I want to avoid going down a path that is somewhat like biochemistry since I am not a fan of biology. #medicine #chemistry #pharmaceuticals #pharmacy #medicinal-chemistry #pharmacology #pharmaceuticals...



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Posted by Wrayzene W.’s Avatar Wrayzene W.
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Erika Dobbins Funny you should say that. I am a biochem. major, who ...

What's the hardest thing about being a biologist or chemist (or anything related to these careers)?

I have interest in becoming someone working in these career fields. #biology #chemistry #biochemistry #molecular-biology #chemical #chemicals #medicinal-chemistry...



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Posted by Morgan K.’s Avatar Morgan K.
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Jacob Cavazos | Dynamic, Highly Motivated Research Scientist Finding a well paying job.

What are some study skills or daily habits that really helped you stay organized in College and Medical School?

In a few years I'll be out of highschool and entering college with the hopes of getting accepted to med-school and UCSF. I wish to know, essentially, how to stay balanced in college. #medicine #healthcare #university #mathematics #college-bound #physics #biomedical-engineering...



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Posted by Barry R.’s Avatar Barry R.
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Rachel Gonzalez | Associate at PwC 1. Keep a weekly planner, this helps you keep track of ...
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