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Are there any apps where you can make money just by using them?

Wanting to make extra cash. #mobile-applications...



Active Jan 07 at 23:57

1 answers

Posted by Devetra C.
Todd Olewinski | Technology Is What You Make It To Be! 10 Great Apps That Will Pay You Money in 2018 It’s ...

Do you have to know how to code to create apps?

I took a coding class in high school but don't know if there are any apps or software that does it automatically for you. #mobile-applications #app-development...



Active Jan 07 at 02:13

1 answers

Posted by Devetra C.
Kushaan Shah | Consultant at IBM Global Business Services Hi Devatra, You can learn basic code at sites like Mimo ...

How long should a cover letter be?

In writing a cover letter, how long should it be? It seems like for the most part, a cover letter should be no longer than one page.. are there exceptions? #job-search #interviews #cover-letters...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:51

4 answers

Posted by Sharon T.
deepak d | Student at shantiniketan trust school How long should your cover letter be? How long should your ...

What do I need to do to be able to work in Cyber Security?

My name is Marcel and I´m 17 years old. I have thought about what I want to be in life and that is a couple of different things. I have thought about doing something in cybersecurity, gaming, social media, application designer, or something in the technology field relate to those categories....

#gaming #social-media #mobile-applications #cybersecurity #career-goals #cyber-security #technology #gaming-industry


Active Jan 07 at 18:41

1 answers

Posted by Marcel W.
Victoria German | Sr. Mgr. Ntwrk Security & HSO Member Hi Marcel, This is a great question and this is a ...

What books would be helpful in understanding more about software development for applications?

The reason I am asking is because I wanted to try out a sample project of working with applications in software development. I wanted to know of some good book reads to know more about the process. Also if I could get any advice if I were to code everything in java, like any helpful advice for...

#software-design #computer-programming #java-development #mobile-applications #software-development


Active Sep 26 '17 at 23:31

3 answers

Posted by Gloria S.
Mark Montz | Wireless Network Architect, HLR - Jasper Wireless Hi! You are doing this the right way in looking at ...

What are some common problems people have that can be solved with mobile apps?

Hi everyone, I wanted to know what are some problems you have experienced before because I am interested in creating a unique app, through coding, targeted to solving some of your problems. However, I am stuck and would like to know some of your input. #tech #technology #science #coding...

#creative-writing #web-applications #creativity #mobile-applications


Active Jul 22 '17 at 00:23

3 answers

Posted by Josephine C.
Joshua Bucens | Innovation. Inception. Execution. I take ideas from end-to-end. ... Josephine, There are so many different processes that are antiquated and ...

From my research, I find that most programmers nowadays use Java, Scala, and the C language. My question is how is Scala used/what is it used for?

I'm an Information Technology major who is working towards becoming a future web/mobile developer, and want to explore lesser known, but still useful programming languages, like Scala and Perl (not stated in my question, but I'm still eager to know). #software #mobile-applications...

#web-applications #cloud-applications #cloud-computing #application-developer


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:34

1 answers

Posted by David L.
Frank Lemmon | Sr. Test Engineer at Chegg Inc. Here at Chegg, we use a variety of languages depending on ...

How do i become a Web designer?

I am a junior in High School, still deciding what i want to pursuit in a career. I really like surfing on the internet and explore the different features on Social media. I spent a lot of time online and on my phone. I recently use wix to create a Website for an after school program and i...

#web-analytics #social-media #web-design #mobile-applications #web-development #web-content #web-applications #mobile-app


Active Dec 18 '17 at 00:51

4 answers

Posted by Leonardo H.
Sungho Yin | Online Business Senior Manager at Dell There are a lot of parts for Web designer , in ...

Any Tips for someone learning Mobile App Development? Specifically for Android


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:41

4 answers

Posted by Blessed Joshua G.
David Mosey | Helping Students "Get Real" About Their Future I just got some great advice from a very smart colleague ...

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