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How do I get an internship with a career where confidentiality is key?

I want to see what its like in the daily life of a Medical Social Worker, but I understand that the privacy is important from patient to professional, and personally, I would not want to put my business out there to someone who is barely learning the ropes....



Active May 27 at 23:25

1 answers

Posted by Michael T.
Ibrahim Said | Case Manager at INTERSOS - Humanitarian Organization By working an environment that respects the data protection of the ...

Pursuing a MSW

I am really interested in pursuing a MSW. I am finishing up a graduate certificate in Sociology, but I don’t have a lot of recent, relevant work experience. I understand that most MSW programs require work (or at least volunteer) experience. What are some good strategies for networking and...

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Active Jun 14 at 07:54

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Posted by S M.

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