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What route would best lead to becoming a professional musician/composer?

I am going to continue playing music as I have been doing for years, however, I wish to take it to the next level. I currently play the Baritone, Trombone, and Piano, in addition to using a Digital Audio Workshop, yet I am not quite sure where to go from here. I plan on majoring in music, but...

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What is the best route to becoming a music and electrician engineer?

I'm asking because, my college career choice was to major in music engineering and minor in electrical engineering. Honestly, I chose the careers I enjoy doing and want to make my life style. One day I want to own my own Record/Recording label (music engineering). If I have a wiring...

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Is a degree in music business worth it?

I'm interested in becoming a successful rapper/producer. I know I have the talent, and I have plenty of time to keep improving my skills, but I'm well aware that you need to know a lot about how the business works, how to network, how to market yourself, etc. But there are a lot of online...

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Where can i start my entertainment career?

I am in a tight spot but its always been a dream of mine to start being a music producer, and photographer while doing dance, personal training and culinary arts. I really want to start my music, photography and personal training mostly since i feel like it would have more meaning to me. I need...

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