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i have plan to start carrier in networking field . i have done BE in computer science 2015 batch . i have question for fresher where i should start my carrier at entry level that will add in my experience in order to get job in MnC networking field

since first its only field where i can have fun while doing job !! i dont know which filed is good for me (being a fresher ) to make carrier in networkig field i have done ccna certificattion #networking #testing...


Is it possible to put two partitions on a hard-drive and split the windows installation with a partition and use the other to store files?

I hear often that many schools and companies use a deep freeze and store their data on separate networks. So, I wonder if it would be easier to store and boot windows from a separate partition and use the other to store data. I wonder what issues this will cause, but I also wonder if this would...

#help-desk-support #it-management #windows #deep-freeze #computer-memory #help-desk-management #networking

How should I build a successful college and career plan that will lead me to my ultimate career goal of being an international multi-faceted teacher and mentor?

After earning my degree in education and teaching in the US for a few years, I hope to move to an area such as Kuwait, Qatar, or Dubai (I am currently living in the US) to teach various subjects. I also want to start my own non-profit organization/mentoring program that will focus on developing...

#networking #education #mentoring #educator

How can one build her/his network?

I'm still an undergraduate student, and would like to expand my network.The trouble is I don't know where to start or even how to begin. Any suggestions based on experience?...


What's the best way to prepare for a career fair?

It will be my first time attending a university career fair, so I am not too sure what to expect. I will definitely dress professionally, prepare my resume, and do research on the companies. But, what kinds of questions should I be asking representatives from these companies? And is there...

#career #networking #career-development

Is it better to get good grades or to make connections?

Hi, there! I'm curious as to how to succeed in school, and I'd love to know what my priorities should be. A lot of people have told me that connections are the best resource we get from college, and that it's what most helps with our aspirations. I'm hoping to become a...

#online-media #writing-and-editing #photojournalism #broadcast-media #broadcast-television #writer #journalism #online-journalism #networking

How should a student software developer get in touch with other programmers?

Hello! My name is Paul and I'm a teenager taking online training courses for android application development. I am seeking to network within the larger field of people in software development. I don't, however, have the current ability to travel to conferences and meet-ups, so I would prefer...

#networking #apps #information-technology #social #computer-software #software

How do you ask an institution or professional for shadowing opportunities?

I am currently a college psychology student. There is a particular clinical institution that I would be interested in doing some shadowing at. My problem is that I'm not sure how to ask if shadowing opportunities are available when I have no prior relationship with the institution. My...

#networking #psychology #communication-skills #job-shadowing #career-exploration #career-planning #therapy #clinical-psychology #professional-development

Where can I network with professionals outside of career fairs? Where can I network with professionals specifically in my future career field?

I am an advertising major at SJSU entering my 4th year and I want to start preparing for my life post-college. I want to get a job in the advertising industry. One the pieces of advice I hear a lot is "network with other people!" Where do I find these people? Also, I how do I find networking...

#marketing-and-advertising #meeting-new-people #networking #network #job-search

How would I engage someone to start networking?

I want to build relationships within my future career field so that I can aid my career progression and skill set. I know that it is important for specific situations or programs to have that one person within your close network but how would you go about engaging them in conversation. LinkedIn...

#networking #medical #college #job-application #personal-development #professional #dental

What is the key to "succeed" in networking event?

I have just registered for a networking event (more specifically a Vancouver Post Alliance Event) and although I had classes about how to behave in a networking event, I wanted to know how can you meet someone in such a short period of time people and actually create a connection with them....

#video-production #networking #film-production #post-production #video-editing #editing

How do you start networking?

Hi, I have a few questions regarding how to go about networking. From what I understand the practice of networking is about discussing career opportunities with people who are involved in the fields that interest you or just to help you get your foot in the door for finding a job. How do you...

#social-networking #networking #career-advice #connections #general-career-questions #finding-a-career

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