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What are the positions within a nonprofit organization that allow you to interact with the people the organization is serving?

I am interested in having a career where I would work in a nonprofit organization either to better water quality worldwide or uplift and empower women worldwide. I want a position where I get to be a part of the process in ensuring the help gets to the people that need it using my math and...

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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:26

3 answers

Posted by Rachel N.’s Avatar Rachel N.
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Amy Spencer | Development Manager- Communications, JA of OR & SW ... That's a great question. When you start looking at nonprofit jobs, ...

What are some potential careers/jobs available for students with a major in Public Relations/Communications, specifically in PA?

In college, I plan to major in Public Relations this Fall in the state of Pennsylvania! I know it is difficult to find a job in today's society, and I'm aware the rate of jobs available for college graduates have been decreasing over time. However, I have hope that something can change. I'd...

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4 answers

Posted by Cara-Ann S.’s Avatar Cara-Ann S.
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Jenny Newman | Sr. Global Social Media Training Strategy & Design Hello Cara-Ann I too majored in Public Relations/ Communications! And let ...

How do prospective workers/managers get the start-up money to found and run a non-profit organization?

I would like to work with a non-profit organization, but am also interested in starting my own. However, I'm not sure how realistic that is given that grant money or loans may be scarce. #nonprofits #non-profit...



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3 answers

Posted by Hannah K.’s Avatar Hannah K.
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Sarah Jelley | Vice President Human Resources at BRIDGE Housing Corporation Non-profits are started a few different ways. Some are funded by ...

Whats my role in volunteering?

I've volunteered multiple times for many organizations, but I don't know what to call the roles that I have been involved in. What can I call the role of simply just helping out and doing odd jobs? #volunteering #volunteer #non-profits...



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Posted by Vivian L.’s Avatar Vivian L.
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Ayan Sarkar 1>> Complementing essential basic services where they are lacking or where ...

How do you truly know what you want to be?

I am about to start my freshman year in college in the fall and I am torn about what I want to do. I want to do something that would make an impact on someone or something's life. I want to make a difference but I don't really know how and what career would be best for me. I am an introvert but...

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5 answers

Posted by Irish W.’s Avatar Irish W.
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Peter Hajdu | Executive Escalation Specialist at Dell Hi Irish, First and foremost DO and DELIVER. If you find ...

What is the typical amount of compensation at a mid-level nonprofit job?

Hello, I am interested in understanding more about working in or for nonprofits. #nonprofits #non-profit #non-profit-organization-management...



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3 answers

Posted by Jessica W.’s Avatar Jessica W.
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Kate Wallace | Manager of Corporate and Foundation Giving Hi Jessica,Great question - it's always good to think about salary ...

Is it possible to work with a bachelor's in psychology?

I have been told many time that I can't work with a bachelor's in psychology that I need a master degree to work. #higher-education #non-profits...



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6 answers

Posted by Nadege V.’s Avatar Nadege V.
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Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, good question. I think it really depends on the type ...

What are some of the worst job sites for finding non-profit work?

I have been using Idealist and not finding many current jobs. Craigslist also has not provided many great non-profit jobs. Should I just use any job posting site and hope that I find something? #job-search #nonprofits...



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4 answers

Posted by Mounia M.’s Avatar Mounia M.
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Kate Wallace | Manager of Corporate and Foundation Giving Hi Mounia, I tried to comment above, but I was over ...

Any experience with Americorps?

After I get out of college, I am considering joining Americorps and becoming a Vista becore getting a Master's in Social Work. Do you have any experience or advice for me about Americorps? Do you think this path would be beneficial in the career I am pursuing? #psychology #jobs #social-work...

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3 answers

Posted by Deana A.’s Avatar Deana A.
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Casey Tiefenwerth | Human Services Professional Absolutely! I was an AmeriCorps VISTA in Baltimore and loved it. ...
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Thomas Aurelio Davis | Director of Business Development at CALSA Hi Nuzhath, My suggestion would be to major in Education (Elementary ...

What is the role and responsibilities of a project manager at a nonprofit organization?

I want to work for a nonprofit organization and I am trying to figure out what position would be best suited for me. #project-management #nonprofits #non-profit #non-profits...



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Active Oct 04 '17 at 09:40

5 answers

Posted by Alayna B.’s Avatar Alayna B.
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Callie Richey | Sr Program Manager Great question! I have found that it really depends on where ...

What can someone do with a minor of Public administration and a major in Anthropology?

I am studying these two subjects and is planning to graduate June of 2017. #business #management #government #anthropology #nonprofits #non-profits #public-sector...



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2 answers

Posted by Joshua C.’s Avatar Joshua C.
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Maureen Magnifico | Management Assistant at Federal Aviation Administration I would look into city work. Park districts, maybe planning.

How did you discover what you were passionate about?

I would love to hear your personal story about how you first got involved in your field and what about it captivated you! #college #career #college-major #career-counseling #career-choice #career-path #career-development #non-profits...



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4 answers

Posted by Albert P.’s Avatar Albert P.
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Marjorie A. Goode | College & Career Planning Consultant Hi Albert, Thanks for your question and interest! As a third ...
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