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How do you keep yourself motivated when a task gets hard?

I am asking because hard work really does pay off and I know being in the medical field isnt always easy, I am just curious as to how these doctors and nurses keep themselves going so they dont give up on a more difficult task. #doctors #nurses...


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Best study strategies in Nursing School?

I do not have the best study strategies currently, but they have gotten me this far. I will be attending nursing school this fall for the ADN program. I will pursue a BSN, and eventually would like to pursue a degree in Nurse Midwifery. What are some of the best study strategies that worked for...

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Is Physical Therapy a good career choice?

I love to work with people, since I'm a people person. My father once recommended me to become a physical therapist, since i read so much on muscles and know how to fix knots in the back and helped his knee get better with physical therapy at home. (He was kind of my test subject to test my new...

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What are some tips for finding shadowing opportunities?

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