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How do you choose what nursing field is best for you??


Active Apr 25 at 10:49

2 answers

Posted by Erin N.
Linda Hassan RN, MS, BSN, CCM | Registered Nurse Hi Erin, Choosing the type of nursing that is best for ...

What goals should I set for myself to become a great nurse?

It is my goal to work to the best of my ability and utilize whatever means necessary to excel as a nurse....



Active Jun 13 at 16:16

3 answers

Posted by Meaghan B.
Ashish Malhotra | Philosopher,writer,educator Hello dear, if you want to be great in anything,remember following ...

How do you stay focused and organized in nursing school?

I am a current nursing student. It can be difficult sometimes to manage my time well when it comes to my studies, family, friends, etc. I am looking for tips to manage everything well and still maintain my sanity. Thanks! #nursingschool #nurse #nursing #healthcare #nursing-education...



Active Apr 30 at 16:07

5 answers

Posted by Immaculate M.
Patty Born | Case Manager/Delegating Nurse, RN, BSN, LMT Dear Immaculate, I have to say that staying organized in nursing ...

Is there a best time to study?

When is the "best" time to study? I have class, then lab right after. Should I take a mental break after lab, or should I study right then so it is "fresh" information? Is there a best time to study? #nursing #college #nursingschool #student-life #studying-tips...



Active Apr 08 at 04:54

3 answers

Posted by Clarise B.
Austin L. | PwC Experienced Associate, Advisory Clarise, good question but a hard one. Study habits really vary ...
Jeanne Frobose, RN | REGISTERED NURSE Hi Meira!"Congratulations for choosing the Nursing profession! Now let's get you ...

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