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What happens in college if you remain undecided about your major and your future career?

Many people by senior year already know their passion, what they plan to do in college. So what happens to the people who don't? Some say it is not even worth it to apply for college if you don't know what to do with that time. So my question it right it to apply to college and...

#college #passion #undecided


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:30

2 answers

Posted by Thanhmai H.’s Avatar Thanhmai H.
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Michael C | Field Engineer at AIG Hi there, First off, great question. I am a strong believer ...

What motivates you to succeed?

This is also a pretty general question. In your field of work, whatever you are doing, what pushes you to try and perform better than the other people around you. What's that thing that really inspires you to be the best you? #career #success #motivation...



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4 answers

Posted by Tiffanie L.’s Avatar Tiffanie L.
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Jenn Hatfield | Education Research Assistant I was raised to give 100% effort on whatever I'm working ...

What is the most efficient way to manage money as a college student to avoid debt after graduation?

I want to be able to leave college with minimal debt, and would greatly appreciate advice on how to save now for the future. #kinesiology #music #passion #college...



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1 answers

Posted by jacob E.’s Avatar jacob E.
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Alex F | Self-Employed Musician More information is needed to answer this accurately. What grade are ...

Question for professions at PwC! What is your favorite part of your job and what is the most challenging part?

What is your favorite part about your job? What is the most challenging part of your job? How do you honestly feel about your job and your career goals? Do you feel satisfied in your life being in the finance industry? How do you contribute to the better whole of society working the job you...

#passion #centrecollegestudent #pwc #professionalserviceweek


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10 answers

Posted by Madeline L.’s Avatar Madeline L.
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Jennifer Friedberg | Senior Associate at PwC - Financial Services Capital ... I love this question and I think everyone has different opinions!What ...

Are there internships available for travel nursing?

My goal is to be a travel nurse, after receiving a bachelors degree in registered nursing. #travel-nurse #passion #nursing #internships...



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2 answers

Posted by Stacey T.’s Avatar Stacey T.
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Alyssa Manlangit MSN, RN | Registered Nurse at Cedars-Sinai Concurring with Rosie, travel nursing agencies will not consider you until ...

What is your favorite part of teaching?

I look forward to those little moments with my students where I just know that this field is my calling. I love hearing from those who have lived it and what those moments are for them. #education #itsthelittlethings #teaching...



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Posted by Shay A.’s Avatar Shay A.
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Abby Lupi | Community Management Intern Hi Shay! I’m sorry no one’s answered your question yet. We're ...

If I'm a computer scientist can I still go to law school?

I really want to be a person who advocates for marginalized groups and I've heard one of the best ways to do that is to be a public defender but I am already on track to do my undergrad in computer science. What should I do? #career #laywer #computerscience...



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2 answers

Posted by Taylor M.’s Avatar Taylor M.
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Samuel Wilson | Analytics Intern at Dell Yeah, you can. There are demesnes that mix Computer Science and ...

Is it wise to pursue a career that is more likely to make you happy than make you a lot of money?

I've always been interested in the sciences, and up until recently I was almost 100% sure I was going to go into microbiology and get a job with the US Navy medical division. That still sounds really interesting and cool, but I don't know if I want to spend the rest of my life staring at...

#salary #money #financial-planning #passion #career-choice


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3 answers

Posted by Eamonn M.’s Avatar Eamonn M.
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Katherine Burzynski | Assurance Associate at PwC Consider the Japanese concept of "Ikigai," which means "a reason for ...

Do you really need a passion to get into a top university?

Many college admissions officers and guidance counselors push students to find their passions in high school. At the ripe age of 15 or 16, students are expected to know exactly which career they would like to pursue and the impact they want to have in the world. However, many students do not...

#passion #life #college #high-school


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2 answers

Posted by Marie H.’s Avatar Marie H.
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Michael Bracey | Vice President, Life Sciences at Treximo Hi Marie,The short answer to this is no, you do not ...

How can I go right into being part of a traveling group of doctors right after medical school?

My dream is to travel to less developed and developing regions of the world and provide health education and improved resources to people who live in these areas, especially children. I want to become involved in this as soon as possible because what I'm passionate about. #medicine...

#passion #health-education #job-search


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0 answers

Posted by Norma U.’s Avatar Norma U.

I love school but I've learned that I hate being in the workforce. How can I be sure to get a job I will enjoy after I graduate?

I can't stay in school forever. I graduate with my MFA (yes, I'm going for specialization), but I'm worried that after I'm specialized, I still won't be able to find a job I enjoy. #workforce #career #career-advising #finding-a-major...



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1 answers

Posted by Kaitlyn C.’s Avatar Kaitlyn C.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Congratulations on being interested in finding the right career to follow.. ...

Is is best to follow passion or logic?

I know people always say to do a job that you love, but wouldn't it be wise to take the job that makes more money so that you can do what you love on the side? When considering what to choose for my major, I keep struggling with what I want to do, and what would help me more financially....

#career-decisions #passion #finance #college-major


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2 answers

Posted by laurel R.’s Avatar laurel R.
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Marc Morris | Assurance Senior Associate, PwC I think this is an excellent question. I personally have always ...

Should I start a recording studio while pursuing an undergraduate degree?

I'm majoring in Molecular Biology, and I'm planning on graduating in three years, not necessarily for prestige (though that would be cool!) but mainly because of costs. Using my AP courses, I would likely take 18 semester credit hours a year to complete the required courses on time for med...

#medicine #music #time-management #passion #college-advice


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1 answers

Posted by Ben N.’s Avatar Ben N.
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Judeanne Armenti | Over 20 years of creative and outgoing music ... Ben,That is one ambitious idea! I loved reading your description of ...

How do you choose the right career?

I wanted to become a surgeon since I was little, but as I got older, I also found an interest in both music and engineering. I want to choose the right career for myself, but I don’t know how. #surgery #engineering #music #whatdoido...



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4 answers

Posted by Aalijah J.’s Avatar Aalijah J.
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Anthony Moat | SAP Global Services Sales Aalijah, I'm going to take a slightly different track on this ...

Is it better to pursue a career that will bring you happiness or one to bring you money?

Some people believe it is better to pursue a job that'll bring you happiness but maybe not enough money to keep you comfortable. On the other hand you could argue that you'd be happier in a job you don't necessarily enjoy but brings in a ton of money. What's your opinion? #career-choice...

#passion #career-development #happiness #undecided #career-path


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4 answers

Posted by Megan B.’s Avatar Megan B.
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Kenyana Scott | Training and Development Professional It is more important to find a career that you are ...

How can I guarantee that my passion for social work will help find the right homes for those in need?

I’m a sociology majoring who’s concentrating is focusing on social work because I want to be a social worker. I want to help children and families find the right job and make sure they have a safe place to stay. How is my passion going to guarantee them a home? I want to fight for them, be...

#empowerment #sociology #socialwork #courage #passion #children #bravery


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2 answers

Posted by Nads P.’s Avatar Nads P.
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Sarah (Andersen) Koenig | Corporate Responsibility Hi Nads - I love that you are so passionate about ...

Reaching your dream job is tough. What do you think it means to reach your dream job, and why is it so rewarding?

We all have an image of a dream job, yet was makes it a dream? Is it the hard work and persistence that makes the job rewarding. Or maybe even today it's considered a dream job because the odds of you receiving the job as a female is small. I would love to hear peoples perspectives on what they...

#motivation #jobs #success #career-advising #employment #passion #dream


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1 answers

Posted by Grace F.’s Avatar Grace F.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Reaching your dream job starts with getting to know yourself. Getting ...
Col Sen MP, Ph.D’s Avatar
Col Sen MP, Ph.D | Consultant & Career Coach Hello Issac,Great question indeed! Really touched seeing your pain for black ...

Which are the best long term careers that would allow me to travel the globe year-round?

I LOVE people, as a humanitarian at heart. I also have a complete passion for seeing the world and to continue to dive into new and diverse cultures. #people #travel #humanitarian #passion #traveling #helping-people #careers-in-helping-people #meeting-new-people #business-travel...



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3 answers

Posted by Jamie D.’s Avatar Jamie D.
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Marilyn Balke-Lowry | Artist/Owner at Imaginart; Director of College Guidance Consultants, ... Hi Jamie, I was a tour leader for 6 years and ...
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