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What is it like being a Pediatric Surgeon?

I want to become a pediatric surgeon when I am older and I want to know how other surgeons feel about their job. If they get close to the kids and how they feel to give kids another chance and save their lives. #medicine...



Active Jan 24 at 16:22

1 answers

Posted by Olivia M.
Julie Rubicz | Adjunct Clinical Instructor Pediatrics at St.Clair Community College Pediatric surgery is an extremely stressful career, you would need to ...

What degree do i need to be a surgeon and how long will it take

Because iv'e been planning to become a surgeon #residency #surgeons #pediatric-surgeon...



Active Apr 19 at 18:47

0 answers

Posted by DAMON H.

What should I major in if I want to become a pediatric surgeon?


Active May 27 at 22:02

1 answers

Posted by Kennedy R.
Hwal Lee Kennedy,I'm assuming you meant you want to become a physician with ...

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