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What are some of the jobs available for someone with a PhD in English?

I want a PhD in English, and I want to be a college professor. However, I would like to know some of the other options for that careers with that degree. #college #higher-education #english...



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Posted by Elizabeth R.’s Avatar Elizabeth R.
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Gabie G | Gabie has a wealth of experience working in ... Hello, Great question. I too love English and would love nothing ...

what's the best qualities for finding a top job?

what's the best qualities for students who will finally face the carrier life? Especially for the Science and Technology PhD student, who has learning in a very deep area of one subject. Most of them have to change the direction while finding a job #science #technology #phd...



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3 answers

Posted by Hai H.’s Avatar Hai H.
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Lissa Collins | Instructional Coach at Dallas ISD Hello... First of all, Ken gave some really great feedback to ...

Is earning a PhD worth the time?

Besides the eventual money payoff, it the investment in all that time and work for school for all those years worth it? #phd #medicine #education #graduate-school...



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Posted by sabrina V.’s Avatar sabrina V.
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Carlos Eduardo de Andrade | Senior Inventive Scientist at AT&T Labs Research It depends very much from a field to another, but in ...
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Jake Krishnan | Leader - Digital Strategy and Implementation Hi Elysia great to hear that you are aiming to become ...

What kind of job can I realistically get with a PhD in english?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior and also an intern at CareerVillage. I know that a lot of students are thinking about social science careers (to me, it's so weird how so many people at my school don't want anything to do with science or STEM careers!). But I've also noticed...

#english #social-science-phd #humanities #social-sciences #phd


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2 answers

Posted by Anina H.’s Avatar Anina H.
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Adam Korengold | Market Research Analyst, Strategist, and Communicator Hello, Anina! I don't have a PhD in English myself, but ...

What are the worst parts about being a university professor?

I'm looking at getting my PhD in mathematics and eventually teaching at a college level. It sounds like the perfect job: low stress, work with scholars and students passionate about the subject, continued study in the field of choice, and travel opportunities. I was wondering what some of the...

#applied-mathematics #professor #phd #college-teaching #mathematics #teaching


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3 answers

Posted by Maia C.’s Avatar Maia C.
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Arthur Chang | Center for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA) Summer ... Hi Maia, From what I've seen, generally, being a university professor ...

How do I become a college professor?

I want to be a college professor one day, but not sure the path to that! #college #teacher #professor #university #phd #university-teaching...



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2 answers

Posted by Sarah O.’s Avatar Sarah O.
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Arghya Roy | Client Tech support associate, Dell international services. Hi there, hope this helps:- Choose an Educational Field Earn a ...

What jobs are available to Theoretical Astrophysicists and where are they most commonly located?

I am a high school senior, and will attend a four-year college starting in the fall with declared majors in Physics and Astronomy. My ultimate goal is to earn a PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics. Rather than performing research, per se, I like to think and to be around those who have the...

#space #science #phd #astrophysics #physics #theoretical


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2 answers

Posted by Carter W.’s Avatar Carter W.
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Pran Mukherjee | System Software Engineer at Akamai Technologies The short answer is, "There aren't any." NASA funding has steadily ...

How do you become a successful brain surgeon?

I am putting this question because I would like to be a neurosurgeon. #medicine #university #surgery #phd #neurology...



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1 answers

Posted by Bryan F.’s Avatar Bryan F.
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Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, Here is a good link on how to become a ...

Will getting a PhD in engineering aid in getting a research and development job in the industry

I'm a senior in high school; I'm not sure what field of engineering I want to go into. I do know that I would like to be involved in a research job in some industry. I'm interested in biomedical, aeronautical, and chemical engineering. Anyone of any field of engineering that has a research job...

#chemical-engineering #industry #research #engineering #graduate-school #phd


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4 answers

Posted by Chinwe A.’s Avatar Chinwe A.
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Matthew Summers | Simulation Software Engineer at Schlumberger As Eva said a PhD is not necessary but it could ...

Is being a Physical Therapist worth all the schooling?

I am a senior, and have always been interested in helping people. When I broke my leg I had to do an extensive amount of physical therapy and I soon found out that I really enjoyed this field. I do understand that there is a lot of schooling behind becoming one. I know that this field is...

#physical-therapist #doctor #schooling #phd #therapy #physical-therapy


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3 answers

Posted by Kristina H.’s Avatar Kristina H.
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Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hi Kristina, Professional (entry-level) physical therapist education programs in the United ...

What does an Epidemiologist actually do?

I am a college student looking for guidance, I wish to see if this field is worth pursuing. #professor #health #masters #phd #environmental-science...



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2 answers

Posted by charles F.’s Avatar charles F.
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Marquell Pinkney | Here to Help Hi Charles, See below. Epidemiologists analyze their findings to determine how ...
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Debra Dukes | Graduate Faculty - Research Hi Charles - it really varies not only from college to ...

What advice would you provide a para-professional that is looking to enter the field of Higher Education Student Affairs with an interest to become a university Provost?

I am looking into obtaining my Master's of Higher Education Student Affairs and currently serve as a College Advisor. My long term goals include becoming a motivational speaker for higher education and working with students who are in that transitional part of high school and college. I would...

#masters #higher-education #phd #provost #college #education #teacher


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5 answers

Posted by Ellise S.’s Avatar Ellise S.
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Troy Golba | Training Manager & Adult Educator Good day, You are doing the right thing a big congrats ...

What can you do with a Ph.D in physics?

I have always wanted to get a Ph.d. in physics. I planned to do electrical engineering or computer science and then get a Ph.d. in physics. My main issue is that I am not sure what being a physicist entails, aside from academia. I would like to know what someone with a Ph.d. in physics could...

#science #doctorate-degree #phd #science-phd #physics #doctorate


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2 answers

Posted by Alex R.’s Avatar Alex R.
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Danny Wombles | Solutions Manager Common job titles for physics and engineering physics bachelor's degree recipients ...
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Austin L. | PwC Experienced Associate, Advisory Hi Victoria, Really good question. I see lots of internship related ...

What are some things to do to prepare for applying to JD/PHD programs?

-What research experience/internships would be helpful? -How important is networking when applying to graduate programs? #education #law #graduate-school #college #applications #phd #jd...



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1 answers

Posted by Margot R.’s Avatar Margot R.
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Serge V. Vaval, M.P.A. | Career Advisor Hi Margot,Below is a link from Yale Law School. Very interesting ...

Is it worth putting all the time and money into going to medical school?

I am debating either becoming a medical doctor or a PA. I want the pay and title of a doctor. However, I also am not sure I want to spend all the time and money for the education of becoming one. #doctor #doctorate-degree #phd #student-loans #medicine...



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Posted by Taya A.’s Avatar Taya A.

How do students pursuing a PhD working in research earn money?

I'm interested in getting a PhD in biomedical science, but I'm not sure how to earn money working as a researcher while still having to pay for school. #research #biomedical #phd #medical-research #biomedical-science...



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2 answers

Posted by Katia D.’s Avatar Katia D.
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Keith Martin | Wireless Technology Planning Tom explained this nicely. To add one more point, you won't ...

Is it possible to get a job in the research industry, not academia, with a PhD in biomedical science?

I'm interested in pursuing a job as a researcher and was wondering about whether it would be possible for me to work in research in the industry. #research #phd #medical-research #biomedical-science...



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Active Nov 28 '17 at 21:28

2 answers

Posted by Katia D.’s Avatar Katia D.
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Dra. Marisol Seguel Roa | Dental Surgeon Hi Katia, For sure you can work in the research Industry ...

How does a PhD program work as opposed to a Masters program? What does it entail?

Hi, I'm an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Spanish Translation & Interpretation and I'm interested in pursuing a Doctorate after I graduate. However, I've heard a number of different explanations of what a PhD program entails and I am honestly so...

#masters #english-literature #professor #phd #graduate-school #college


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3 answers

Posted by Lindsay G.’s Avatar Lindsay G.
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Seth Daniel Bernstein | Coach, Counselor, Personal Branding Expert, Marketer, Educator Let's address the first part of your question about applications/admissions and ...

How difficult would it be to create a dissertation for a PHD? Does difficulty depend on field of study?

I am in college currently, hoping to pursue a PHD someday, just want to be prepared for when it happens. #college #professor #student #graduate-school #graduate #phd...



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1 answers

Posted by charles F.’s Avatar charles F.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Hi Charles! Here are some tips. Best of ...

What career options are there for economics majors?

I am studying economics at Brown; I really like how economic thinking can solve problems, but I am not a huge fan of math (I do not plan to take any beyond statistics and Calc II which are required). I am very interested in public policy, but more from an applied microeconomics view (rather...

#government #career #professor #economics #phd #policy #research


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3 answers

Posted by Rebecca A.’s Avatar Rebecca A.
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Dino Perone | National Sales VP/GM, AT&T Enterprise Business Solutions I would suggest a government-related role... an economics background can be ...

What should be done to have a PhD in International Trade area?

I consider working as an academic. In this regard, I have a bachelor degree of International Trade and Logistic. I need some suggestion about it. #phd #logistics #academia #international-trade #logistics...



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1 answers

Posted by Hadi D.’s Avatar Hadi D.
Col Sen MP, Ph.D’s Avatar
Col Sen MP, Ph.D | Consultant & Career Coach Dear Hadi,Good question ! Many people are unaware of the potential ...

Does studying abrod help you when it comes to appying to medical schools or is there something more important I should devote my time to?

I would like to attend medical school once I graduate college, but so many schools have the opportunity to study abroad. I was wondering where it would be best to spend my money. #doctor #medical #professor #pre-med...



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Posted by Rachel B.’s Avatar Rachel B.
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Wael Al-Rihawi | Mechanical Engineer I Automotive I am confused! Are worried about time, money, both? Anyway, a ...

How much does accountants generally make?

I would like to know more about accounting #accounting #masters #phd #bachelors-degree #banker #buyers #investors...



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2 answers

Posted by sayavath S.’s Avatar sayavath S.
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Wael Al-Rihawi | Mechanical Engineer I Automotive Check the link below.

How long does it take to get your phD to become a doctor?

I really want to be a doctor and I am wondering how long it will take me to get through college. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #university #health #hospital-and-health-care #phd...



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1 answers

Posted by Diana D.’s Avatar Diana D.
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Ana Paye | MSN, RNFNP-BC U.S. Army (retired) Four years for medical school, a minimum of three years for ...

When I am studying, and if I receive and internship, Is there any possible chances of pay? What specific skills should I keep in mind for my future career in nursing?

I am a sophomore, and I am truly dedicated to the idea of one day becoming a nurse, Doctor, or any kind of health professional. I want to be able to earn these chosen careers because my goal, dream is to be able to live a life of helping people. I want to ensure a safe and healthy world. My...

#physician #nursing #doctor #masters-degree #phd #pre-med #surgeon #associates-degree


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2 answers

Posted by Huy D.’s Avatar Huy D.
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Benjamin Larson Nursing programs require clinical hours. Sometimes these hours are paid, but ...

What is the gender gap like in upper level sciences, first hand?

I am a female, high school senior considering a career path in upper level mathematics, academia and research. I am very concerned with underrepresentation of women and I would like to know of any first hand experiences. Researching online I find a lot of statistics, but I would like more. Has...

#women-in-stem #science #professor #academia #graduate-school #phdbound #computer-science-phd #mathematics #science-phd #phd #research #stem #stemcareers


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1 answers

Posted by Madeleine W.’s Avatar Madeleine W.
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Jacob Cavazos | Dynamic, Highly Motivated Research Scientist It is actually quite staggering and to be completely honest a ...
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Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D. | Industrial-Organizational Psychology & HR Consulting There are two types of doctoral programs in psychology: Ph.D. and ...
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