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What is the hardest part about the job ? i imagine pushing people who are in a lot of pain to do things that will ultimately make them feel better can be tough.

i'm a senior in high school and i'm planning on going into physical therapy and would just like a better understanding of things from someone who's mire experienced. i volunteered at a hospital and worked in the physical therapy department two summers in a row and that's what really pushed me...

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Majors for physical therapist

i want to be a physical therapist but there is no physical therapy undergraduate major. what bachelors degree would help me most to succeed in studyin physical therapy for my doctorate?...


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If I don't get into grad school right away, where should I start looking for work with my current degree even though Biology isn't my intended focus.

Hello all, I am a recent graduate with a Biology degree. I would like to put my focus into grad school and possibly pursue a career in PT or Athletic training. Because of my basic GPA(2.9), I feel as if I won't get into the schools that I want. Also, because my school only offered a degree in...

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Is it possible to major in psychology and then have a career in physical therapy?

I'm interesting in going into a psychology major as well as a math major, but I would like to keep my options open if I decide to go into physical therapy, but I do not want to do more than a double major in college, because that would be overwhelming. So I want to know if there is a major that...

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Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) or Physical Therapist (PT)?

I am a high school senior. I am considering either a Physical Therapist Assistant program (2 year) or to go to college (4 year+) to be a Physical Therapist. However, I have two problems. The first: I don't want to work for a Physical Therapist who considers me to be "inferior" or patients who...

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What are the most important classes in the physical therapist field? How many credits do I have to take?

I love physical therapy, my mother broke her leg about four months ago, I stayed with her from the beginning of the process until the end, I watch how : doctors, nurses, and even physical therapist treated my mom. I felt in love with what they did for her.I want to know what are the most...

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I am going to study to become a physical therapist assistant in MCC by september, there are a requirement that estate that the student must be in a temporary class before entering the PTA program, why ? Why is it mandatory?

The reason why I am asking it is because, the career is for four semester only, and by being in that program it could take precious time. I want to know ,why does the student have to be in the temporary program.? #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #medicine...


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